How many swimming pools do you have on your ships?

Each cruise ship in our fleet has at least one swimming pool on board, plus jacuzzis to relax in.

The swimming pools and locations on board your cruise ship are as follows:

Balmoral -

Balmoral has 2 outdoor swimming pools, on Marquee Deck and also on Lounge Deck.  Both also have 2 jacuzzis on each deck.

Bolette -

Bolette has two swimming pools, both of which are situated on Lido Deck. There are also two jacuzzis. 

Borealis -

Borealis has one swimming pool, which is situated on Lido Deck. There are also two jacuzzis.

Please note that at times, the pools and jacuzzis may be closed for operational reasons, such as, but not limited to, cold/adverse weather or poor water quality. Bolette and Borealis both have a retractable roof, which means they can be used during all weathers, as long as it is safe to do so. Since no lifeguards are on duty, guests use these facilities at their own risk.

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