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Acropolis at Athens, Greece

When exploring the world, it’s always more inspiring to get to know the real culture of each destination, and the fascinating history that has crafted local attractions and a local way of life. We have specially created these itineraries, and your on board experiences with this type of exploration in mind.

Choose from learning more about ancient trading routes within the Mediterranean, delve into the history of the Vikings in Scandinavia, or discover more about how various cultural influences have made their mark on the Adriatic and Dalmatian Coast regions. 

Our charming and knowledgeable on board culture guides will host informative and exciting talks and discussions with guests about the history of the destinations you'll visit when on your Fred. Olsen cruise, [ReadMoreMob]such as how great explorers discovered new lands, or the rebuliding of towns and cities after terrible wars or devastating natural events. You'll have the opportunity to embark on tours ashore to visit both these and centuries-old landmarks, to learn of how they shaped locals lives, and the importance of them in our modern day lives.

We have a fantastic selection of cultural and historical cruises with Fred. Olsen - take a look below to find out more.

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