Iceland, Norway and Greenland cruises


Arctic cruises offer a wonderful blend of experiences; from the awe-inspiring blue icebergs of Qaqortoq, walking in the footsteps of Erik the Red from the village of Narsarsuaq, Norway's Northern Fjords and the volcanic beauty of Iceland. Any passion for scenery, natural beauty and wildlife is easily satiated in breath-taking landscapes witnessed on an Arctic cruise, and the opportunity to catch a glimpse of whales, seals or a multitude of birdlife adds to the Arctic’s distinct personality. 

You will also have the opportunity to experience two extraordinary natural phenomena unique to the Arctic region - continuous days beneath the enigmatic midnight sun, or a dazzling encounter with the elusive Northern Lights.

Making the most of every single day


"Northern lights made a star appearance on numerous occasions which made for a wonderful experience".
Mr Young, In Search of the Northern Lights - Feefo Indpendent Review

Cruises to Arctic Norway, Greenland & Iceland

Home to some of the most incredible scenery on Earth, these regions make for rewarding exploration. With their surreal natural wonders and unique cultures, Iceland and Greenland are perfect for those with a taste for adventure, while Norway’s labyrinthine fjords are made for smaller ship cruising. With our Norwegian heritage and knowledge of these waters, we know the most scenic routes to take, away from the usual cruising route, offering outstanding scenic cruising of destinations above the Arctic Circle.

Northern Lights



The Northern Lights truly are nature's most impressive light show. Here's a description of what they are, and how to visit them in comfort with Fred. Olsen Cruises.