It's all about the people

Staff out on deck smiling and waving

We believe that there are certain things that can only happen when people put genuine care and positivity into what they do. And our captains and crew are all travel enthusiasts and love to share their experiences with our guests, and help them to get the most out of their cruise experience with us.

Our Head Chefs love to take guests to the local food markets to introduce them to the cuisine of the region, and then demonstrate how to cook the local delicacies. Our Bridge Officers will show how to read maritime maps and charts and explain how to navigate the ships. And our nature and culture specialists always persuade the Captains to slow down, divert or stop the ships if they see something of interest, such as a pod of Whales in Iceland.



Captain Valentin Giuglea

Captain Valentin talks about the warm welcome he received by our guests when he was promoted to Master of the Balmoral

Captain Steffan Ravneng

Captain Steffan talks about his family, who inspired him to become a Captain, and his journey to get to where he is now.

Jose (Joe) Villalobos - 1st Engineer

Jose has spent a great many years working behind the scenes ensuring the safety of our guests and crew. 

Richie Rego - Housekeeping Utility

Richie is part of our team which manages the laundry and deals with all the provisions for our fleet of ships.

Leanora 'Lea' Santos - Guest Services Officer

Lea has worked for Fred. Olsen for 20 years, and loves the family feeling on board Balmoral, her 'home'

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