Our Hotel Managers

Our Hotel Managers are at the forefront of ensuring that guests on board our four smaller, friendly ships experience a relaxing, hassle-free and rewarding holiday. Their role involves overseeing all Housekeeping and Guest Services, managing hotel staff and operations, and making sure all public areas on board the ship, including bars, restaurants and entertainment venues, operate efficiently at all times. 

Hermann Stingeder, Hotel Manager

Hermann Stingeder

Nationality: Austrian

Joined: 2017

Hans van Welzen, Hotel Manager

Hans van Welzen

Nationality: Dutch

Joined: 2007

Peter Reeves, Hotel Manager

Peter Reeves

Nationality: Grenadian

Joined: 2008

Lynsey Milne, Hotel Manager

Lyndsey Milne

Nationality: British

Joined: 2004

Michael Emmenegger, Hotel Manager

Michael Emmenegger

Nationality: Swiss

Joined: 2009

Guy Sharpe, Hotel Manager

Guy Sharpe

Nationality: New Zealander

Joined: 2018

Michael Prantz, Hotel Manager

Michael Prantz


Joined: 2016

Didi Strutz, Hotel Manager

Dietmar Strutz

Nationality: Austrian

Joined: 2019