What should I wear on formal night?

Depending on the length of your cruise holiday there will be one or more formal evenings whilst you are on board. This is your chance to add glitz and glamour to your dining experience.

Most men opt to wear either a dinner jacket, or dark suit and tie. Ladies are often seen looking fabulous in anything from dresses to gowns, or a skirt or trousers with a sparkly top.

All Fred. Olsen cruise ships feature a casual dining experience for those guests who do not wish to join the formal evenings. Dress code for these restaurants is smart casual every evening. These restaurants are The View Restaurant (Bolette and Borealis) and Palms Café (Balmoral)

The exact number of formal nights will be highlighted on your cruise ticket. Below is a guide to the number of formal nights you can expect to enjoy on cruises of various durations.

3 nights or less 

Smart casual throughout

3 - 4 nights

Captain's Welcome Party, but no formal nights

5 - 6 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 1x formal night

7- 12 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 2x formal nights

13- 20 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 3x formal nights

22 nights +

Captain's Welcome Party + 1x formal night each week

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