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What time should I expect to disembark?

During your cruise you will be advised of return and disembarkation times by the on board team. Full details of timings will also be printed in The Daily Times. However, we understand that you need to arrange onward transport, or let family and friends know when to pick you up; so please locate your ship, cruise number and arrival date below for the approximate time from which you will disembark your cruise ship. Please note that times shown are approximate and are subject to change without notice.(Note: The disembarkation times shown are the approximate starting times for the disembarkation process to commence. Disembarkation is a staggered process and can take up to two hours to complete, so please allow a suitable length of time for booking onward travel connections).   Balmoral 2018 -  Cruise No. Disembarkation Date Disembarkation Port Approx. Disembarkation Time L1806 20th April Southampton 07:30 L1807 25th April Southampton 06:00 L1808 3rd May Newcastle 07:30 L1809 8th May  Newcastle 07:30 L1810 15th May Newcastle 08:30 L1811 16th May Rosyth 07:30 L1812 26th May Rosyth 07:30 L1813 31st May Rosyth 07:30 L1814 9th June Rosyth 07:30 L1815 23rd June Rosyth 07:30 L1816 30th June Rosyth 07:30 L1817 7th July Rosyth 07:30 L1818 12th July Rosyth 08:30 L1819 21st July Rosyth 07:30 L1820 22nd July Newcastle 07:30 L1821 29th July Newcastle 07:30 L1822 5th August Newcastle 07:30 L1823 12th August Newcastle 07:30 L1824 23rd August Newcastle 07:30 L1825 28th August Newcastle 07:30 L1826 2nd September Newcastle 07:30 L1829 16th September Newcastle 07:30 L1830 25th September Newcastle 07:30 L1831 6th October Newcastle 07:30 L1832 19th October Newcastle 07:30 L1833 28th October Newcastle 06:30 L1834 12th November Southampton 07:30 L1835 24th November Southampton 07:30 L1836 8th December Southampton 07:30 L1837 13th December Southampton 08:00 L1838 21st December Southampton 07:30 L1839 5th January 2019 Southampton 07:30 Braemar 2018 -  Cruise No. Disembarkation Date Disembarkation Port Approx. Disembarkation Time M1809 28th April Southampton 07:30 M1810 6th May Southampton 07:30 M1811 16th May Southampton 07:30 M1812 24th May Southampton 08:00 M1813 29th May Southampton 07:30 M1814 12th June Southampton 07:30 M1815 28th June Southampton 07:30 M1816 6th July Southampton 07:30 M1817 22nd July Southampton 07:30 M1818 4th August Southampton 07:30 M1819 12th August Southampton 08:00 M1820 23rd August Southampton 07:30 M1821 31st August Southampton 07:30 M1822 14th September Southampton 07:30 M1823 28th September Southampton 07:30 M1824 2nd October Southampton 07:30 M1825 25th October Southampton 07:30 M1826 3rd November Southampton 07:30 M1827 8th November Southampton 07:30 M1828 15th November Southampton 07:30 M1829 3rd December Southampton 07:30 M1830 20th December Barbados *Disembarked by 09:00 M1831 3rd January 2019 Barbados *Disembarked by 09:00 *Note - this is for independent guests only. Boudicca 2018 -  Cruise No. Disembarkation Date Disembarkation Port Approx. Disembarkation Time D1806 28th April Dover 07:30 D1807 5th May Dover 07:30 D1808 21st May Dover 07:30 D1809 30th May Dover 07:30 D1810 21st June Dover 07:30 D1811 30th June Dover 07:30 D1812 13th July Dover 07:30 D1813 20th July Dover 08:30 D1814 30th July Dover 07:30 D1815 8th August Dover 07:30 D1816 24th August Dover 08:00 D1817 29th August Dover 08:00 D1818 5th September Dover 08:30 D1819 20th September Aqaba, Jordan *Disembarked by 09:00 D1820 4th October Abi Dhabi *Disembarked by 09:00 D1821 18th October  Colombo, Sri Lanka *Disembarked by 09:00 D1822 1st November Mauritius *Disembarked by 09:00 D1823 15th November Mauritius *Disembarked by 09:00 D1824 29th  November Mauritius *Disembarked by 09:00 D1825 13th December Mauritius *Disembarked by 09:00 D1826 27th December Mauritius *Disembarked by 09:00 D1827 10th January 2019 Colombo, Sri Lanka *Disembarked by 09:00 *Note - this is for independent guests only. Black Watch 2018 -  Cruise No. Disembarkation Date Disembarkation Port Approx. Disembarkation Time W1801(World Cruise)     24th April Southampton 07:30 W1805 24th April Southampton 07:30 W1806 26th April Liverpool 07:30 W1807 4th May Liverpool 07:30 W1808 18th May Liverpool 08:00 W1809 3rd June Liverpool 07:30 W1810 11th June Liverpool 07:30 W1811 18th June Liverpool 08:00 W1812 27th June Liverpool 07:30 W1813 12th July Liverpool 08:30 W1814 20th July Liverpool 07:30 W1815 25th July Liverpool 07:30 W1816 8th August Liverpool 07:30 W1817 17th August Liverpool 07:30 W1818 1st September Liverpool 07:30 W1819 15th September Liverpool 07:30 W1820 22nd September Liverpool 07:30 W1821 18th October Liverpool 08:30 W1822 27th October Liverpool 07:30 W1823 10th November Liverpool 07:30 W1824 12th November Southampton 07:30 W1825(World Cruise) 28th February 2019 Southampton 07:30 W1826 26th November 2018 Barbados *Disembarked by 09:00 W1827 5th January 2019 Brisbane, Australia *Disembarked by 09:00 *Note - this is for independent guests only. If you are sailing on board our river boat, Brabant, please click here to see Embarkation and Disembarkation times.

What are the flight timings on your Fly-Cruises?

Our cruise holidays are typically on sale before airlines release details of their flight times, so unfortunately we are not always able to confirm details at the time of booking. If details are not available when you make your cruise booking, we'll ask you to select your preferred airport (subject to availability), and once we have flight details, they will be advised on your confirmation invoice closer to departure date. When confirmed, your flight information will also be available to view via the 'My Cruises' section of our website. My Cruises Fly-Cruise holidays

What time is check-in?

Your check-in time will be indicated clearly for you on your cruise ticket, which you can expect to receive approximately 21 days prior to your cruise departure. We kindly request you arrive within your allocated time period to ensure we are able to operate a smooth and timely embarkation for all guests joining the vessel. On arrival at the port you will be directed to the luggage drop-off area where porters will be on hand to take your luggage from you. We kindly request that all luggage is labelled and that you carry dress and suit carriers as hand luggage, as these may get damaged when passing through the security scanners. Once the porters have taken your luggage, it will next appear in your room. At check-in you will need to produce both your ticket and passport, so please ensure you have both close at hand. Once checked in, you will be issued with your ship’s pass and you can relax in the cruise terminal lounge until called to board. To assist you with planning travel to the port on the day of departure we provide recommended arrival/check-in times for each cruise, which can be found on your cruise ticket. If you arrive earlier than the time shown for your cruise, you are likely to experience delays in embarking. If you find you will be arriving earlier, we suggest that you take a break for a drink or snack somewhere before heading to the cruise terminal. For fly-cruise holidays, please refer to your flight tickets for details of your check-in time at the airport.  You can find the time for your chosen cruise by locating your ship, cruise number and departure date below for the time we request you arrive from. Balmoral 2018 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than L1807 20th April Southampton 12:00 L1808 26th April Newcastle 12:00 L1809 3rd May Newcastle 12:00 L1810 8th May Newcastle 12:00 L1811 15th May Newcastle 12:00 L1812 16th May Rosyth 12:00 L1813 26th May Rosyth 12:00 L1814 31st May Rosyth 12:00 L1815 9th June  Rosyth 12:00 L1816 23rd June Rosyth 12:00 L1817 30th June Rosyth 12:00 L1818 7th July Rosyth 12:00 L1819 12th July Rosyth 12:00 L1820 21st July Rosyth 12:00 L1821 22nd July  Newcastle 12:00 L1822 29th July  Newcastle 12:00 L1823 5th August Newcastle 12:00 L1824 12th August Newcastle 12:00 L1825 23rd August Newcastle 12:00 L1826 28th August Newcastle 12:00 L1829 2nd September Newcastle 12:00 L1830 16th September Newcastle 12:00 L1831 25th September Newcastle 12:00 L1832 6th October Newcastle 12:00 L1833 19th October Newcastle 12:00 L1834 29th October Southampton 15:30 L1835 12th November Southampton 12:00 L1836 24th November Southampton 12:00 L1837 8th December Southampton 12:00 L1838 13th December Southampton 12:00 L1839 21st December Southampton 12:00   Balmoral 2019 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than L1901 5th January 2019 Southampton 12:00 Boudicca 2018 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than D1807 28th April Dover 12:00 D1808 5th May Dover 12:00 D1809 21st May Dover 12:00 D1810 30th May Dover 12:00 D1811 21st June Dover 12:00 D1812 30th June Dover 12:00 D1813 13th July Dover 12:00 D1814 20th July Dover 12:00 D1815 30th July Dover 12:00 D1816 8th August Dover 12:00 D1817 24th August Dover 12:00 D1818 29th August Dover 12:00 D1819 5th September Dover 12:00 D1820 20th September Aqaba, Jordan 14:00 D1821 4th October Abu Dhabi 14:00 D1822 18th October Colombo, Sri Lanka 14:00 D1823 1st November Mauritius 14:00 D1824 15th November Mauritius 14:00 D1825 29th November Mauritius 14:00 D1826 13th December Mauritius 14:00 D1827 27th December Mauritius 14:00 Boudicca 2019 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than D1901 10th January 2019 Colombo, Sri Lanka 14:00 Braemar 2018 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than M1810 28th April Southampton 12:00 M1811 6th May Southampton 12:00 M1812 16th May Southampton 12:00 M1813 24th May Southampton 12:00 M1814 29th May Southampton 12:00 M1815 12th June Southampton 12:00 M1816 28th June Southampton 12:00 M1817 6th July Southampton 12:00 M1818 22nd July Southampton 12:00 M1819 4th August Southampton 12:00 M1820 12th August Southampton 12:00 M1821 23rd August Southampton 12:00 M1822 31st August Southampton 12:00 M1823 14th September Southampton 12:00 M1824 28th September Southampton 12:00 M1825 2nd October Southampton 12:00 M1826 25th October Southampton 12:00 M1827 3rd November Southampton 12:00 M1828 8th November Southampton 12:00 M1829 15th November Southampton 12:00 M1830 3rd December Southampton 12:00 M1831 20th December Barbados 14:00 Braemar 2019 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than M1901 3rd January 2019 Barbados 14:00 Black Watch 2018 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than W1806 24th April Southampton 12:00 W1807 26th April Liverpool 12:00 W1808 4th May Liverpool 12:00 W1809 18th May Liverpool 12:00 W1810 3rd June Liverpool 12:00 W1811 11th June Liverpool 12:00 W1812 18th June Liverpool 12:00 W1813 27th June Liverpool 12:00 W1814 12th July Liverpool 12:00 W1815 20th July Liverpool 12:00 W1816 25th July Liverpool 12:00 W1817 8th August Liverpool 12:00 W1818 17th August Liverpool 12:00 W1819 1st September Liverpool 12:00 W1820 15th September  Liverpool 12:00 W1821 22nd September Liverpool 12:00 W1822 18th October Liverpool 12:00 W1823 27th October Liverpool 12:00 W1824 10th November Liverpool 12:00 W1825 & W1826 12th November Southampton 12:00 W1827 26th November Barbados 14:00 Black Watch 2019 -  Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than W1901 5th January 2019 Brisbane 14:00 If you are sailing on board our river boat, Brabant, please click here to see Embarkation and Disembarkation times.

What facilities are available at my departure port?

Just like airports, the facilities between cruise departure ports does differ. However, the majority of them offer comfortable seating areas, refreshments and WiFi, enabling you to relax and start to enjoy your cruise holiday from the moment you arrive at the cruise terminal. We kindly request you arrive at your departure port during the time period indicated on your final cruise ticket; this is to ensure we are able to operate a smooth and timely embarkation process. If you'd like to find out more about your specific departure port, please find links to our departure port's websites below: Dover Edinburgh (Rosyth) Liverpool Newcastle Southampton

What's the procedure for disembarking the ship at the end of my cruise?

We do our utmost to ensure the end of your cruise is a smooth as possible, allowing you to return home relaxed and ready to share your cruise experience with friends and loved ones. To assist you with disembarkation, clear instructions are placed in your room at least 24 hours before your ship docks. We request that your luggage is placed outside your room door on the final night of your cruise holiday, where it will be transferred to the cruise terminal for you. We ask that you adhere to this request as this process helps to reduce unnecessary obstruction of your cruise ship's corridors on the day of disembarkation, enabling you to disembark the cruise ship with ease. On arrival into UK ports, your ship has to be cleared by Customs and Immigration Officials before the disembarkation process can begin. During this time, we invite guests to vacate their rooms, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and relax in one of the public lounges before being called forward for disembarkation. Assistance will be given to those guests with wheelchairs. Should you have a flight home to catch, please speak to Guest Services whilst on board. The team will ensure you disembark in enough time to meet your transfer back to your chosen airport. Once leaving the vessel, please ensure you collect all your luggage from the reclaim area before continuing your onward journey. As luggage reclaim is arranged according to deck colour, it is very important to ensure that your original luggage tags are still attached. Be sure to only take your own belongings, guests who take luggage that doesn't belong to them will incur any charges required to get the luggage back to its rightful owner.

Which items am I prohibited from bringing on board?

To ensure a safe and secure environment for our guests and crew, there are strict regulations regarding items that may be considered to be an offensive weapon (in particular knives, including skean-dhu's with a blade over 7cm). Any such items found will be confiscated. Please note only alcohol purchased on board can be consumed on board. Any purchased ashore will be stored for you until the end of your cruise. The safety of our guests is our highest priority and a security check according to Department for Transport’s regulations will be carried out prior to embarkation.  

Are flights included within the price of a Fly-Cruise?

Flights and transfers are included in the price of a Fred. Olsen fly-cruise holiday. Our fly-cruise packages take away the hassle of researching and arranging your own flights and transfers, as we will arrange these for you and include them as part of your holiday. If you choose to book ‘Cruise Only’, you will have to arrange flights and transfers yourself. This option gives you the freedom to select your own flight times and departure airport, and enjoy time to explore a destination before or after you cruise. Look for these options online when booking your fly-cruise, or call our friendly Reservations Team on 01473 742 424. Fly-Cruise holidays

Where can I park my car at the port?

If you decide to drive to your departure port you can rest assured that the process will be surprisingly simple and stress-free. At each departure port we have long term established relationships with dedicated parking providers. You will be able to drive straight up to the cruise terminal where the luggage porters will assist with taking your bags from you, leaving you with your hand luggage, suit/dress carriers, cruise ticket and passports. Each port operates slightly differently but there will be plenty of attendants on hand to guide and assist you with your car. Rosyth and Newcastle (Port of Tyne) £9.50 per night for standard vehicle Bookable via Fred. Olsen - call Guest Services at least 3 days prior to your cruise departure. If you book last minute the rate per night will increase. Dover Dover Harbour Board £10.50 per night | subject to min charge £38 0844 504 1771 | Relyon £5.25 per day | Off site parking with minibus transfer 01304 201 227 | Southampton ABP - Associated British Ports Southampton 0844 880 6848 | Liverpool £9.50 per night CPS - Cruise and Passenger Services 0345 071 3939 | When booking your parking please have the following information to hand: Registration number Vehicle make and model Plus any required assistance which may need to be noted If you require help with arranging Airport Parking for your Fly-Cruise, Holiday Extras will be able to assist on 0871 360 2603.

Can I pre-book my seat on my flight?

On dedicated flights operated by Thomas Cook Airlines on behalf of Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, guests can pre book their seats. This applies on flights to/from Aqaba, Abu Dhabi, Barbados, Colombo, Manaus & Mauritius. Economy CabinTo pre-book seats in the economy cabin, you will need to book directly with Thomas Cook Airlines. You can book in two ways; OnlineYou can access Thomas Cook Airlines website at Click on ‘manage my booking’ Select the ‘other tour operator’ option Using the drop down menu, select ‘Fred. Olsen’ Via telephoneYou can call Thomas Cook Airlines on 01733 224821, (selecting option three, and then option one), to make your booking.When making your booking, please have the following information to hand; Date of flight(s) Flight number(s). This can be found on your booking confirmation or flight itinerary. If you are unsure of your flight number, please call Fred. Olsen Guest Services on 0800 0355 120. Important – Please double check your flight number when pre-booking your seat as Thomas Cook often operate their own seperate scheduled flight on the same route and same same day. Flight route (i.e. Gatwick to Barbados) Fred. Olsen booking reference. This can be found in the top right section of your Booking Confirmation Names of all guests travelling Date of birth for all guests travelling Contact e-mail address & telephone number for the lead guest Credit, or debit card Prices to pre-book economy seats start from just £22 per person one way. Premium CabinIf you are travelling in Premium Class, please contact Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines directly on 0800 0355 120 to pre-book your seat. At time of booking, you will need your Fred. Olsen Booking Reference. For flights operating in the Winter 2018/19 season, there is no charge to pre-book your flight seat in Premium Class. You can view the Premium Cabin seating plan for your selected flight here:> Barbados, Aqaba & Abu Dhabi.pdf > Manaus, Colombo & Mauritius.pdfTerms & Conditions:  Economy Cabin:Full payment due at time of booking.Booking must be made direct with Thomas Cook Airlines.Economy cabin seat bookings close 48 hours prior to departure.Cancellation charges - free of charge if more than 12 weeks prior to departure. Within 12 weeks of departure, 100% cancellation charges apply.Premium Cabin:Booking must be made direct with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines.Premium cabin seat bookings close four working days prior to departure.

What transfers are available to get to the port or airport?

Eavesway Cruiselink is a great way to travel to and from your next Fred. Olsen cruise*. As the official UK coach travel provider to Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, you can be confident of an efficient and punctual service, making getting to and from the port as relaxing and stress-free as possible. All of their coaches come free equipped with air conditioning, WC/washroom and ample legroom, with Wi-Fi available on most vehicles. And with selected pick-up points across the UK taking you right up to the terminal, it’s easier than ever to join one of our comfortable and spacious Cruiselink vehicles driven by our team of friendly, experienced drivers. To book your Cruiselink seats today simply call us on 01942 727 985, speak to your travel agent or visit   *Cruiselink service only available for Fred. Olsen cruises of 5 nights and above, operating to/from Southampton, Dover and Newcastle. Offices open Mon-Fri 0900-1700hrs, Sat 0900-1300hrs. Closed Sun & Bank Holidays. Routing and service details subject to change; please check before booking your cruise. Full T&Cs at