What's the procedure for disembarking the ship at the end of my cruise?

We do our utmost to ensure the end of your cruise is a smooth as possible, allowing you to return home relaxed and ready to share your cruise experience with friends and loved ones.

To assist you with disembarkation, clear instructions are placed in your cabin at least 24 hours before your ship docks.

We request that your luggage is placed outside your cabin door on the final night of your cruise holiday, where it will be transferred to the cruise terminal for you. We ask that you adhere to this request as this process helps to reduce unnecessary obstruction of your cruise ship's corridors on the day of disembarkation, enabling you to disembark the cruise ship with ease.

On arrival into UK ports, your ship has to be cleared by Customs and Immigration Officials before the disembarkation process can begin. During this time, we invite guests to vacate their cabins, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and relax in one of the public lounges before being called forward for disembarkation. Assistance will be given to those guests with wheelchairs.

Should you have a flight home to catch, please speak to Guest Services whilst on board. The team will ensure you disembark in enough time to meet your transfer back to your chosen airport.

Once leaving the vessel, please ensure you collect all your luggage from the reclaim area before continuing your onward journey. As luggage reclaim is arranged according to deck colour, it is very important to ensure that your original luggage tags are still attached.

Be sure to only take your own belongings, guests who take luggage that doesn't belong to them will incur any charges required to get the luggage back to its rightful owner.

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