On Board

What should I wear on formal night?
Depending on the length of your cruise holiday there will be one or more formal evenings whilst you are on board. This is your chance to ‘dress to impress’ and add glitz and glamour to your dining experience.
How many formal and theme nights are there on my cruise?
The number of formal nights you can expect on a cruise depends on the duration of your cruise.
How many swimming pools do you have on your ships?
Each cruise ship in our fleet has at least one swimming pool on board, plus jacuzzis to relax in.
What is your procedure for tipping on board?
Gratuities for our dedicated service team are not included in the cost of your holiday. While tipping is entirely at your discretion, we pride ourselves on the service offered to our guests, and are confident that you’ll wish to reward staff on board for the attention you receive.
What times are the evening shows?
The main evening shows are typically performed after both the first and second dinner sittings, so everyone gets the chance to watch the entertainment on offer without rushing to get a good seat.
Do you have a Doctor or medical facilities on board?
For your peace of mind, all of our cruise ships have a Medical Centre offering primary and emergency care, with a doctor and/or nurse on call at all times. All our cruise ships also have two qualified nurses on board. The Medical Centres operate outside of British and European health services and charges are levied for consultations, investigations, prescriptions and room visits. A scale of charges is displayed in each Medical Centre, and charges incurred will be billed to your on board account. We would ask that any guest taking medication brings adequate supplies to last the duration of the cruise. Please ensure you pack medication in your hand luggage, if required, en route to your ship.
Do you have public toilets in communal areas?
For your convenience, each of our cruise ships has public toilets in communal areas, which are clearly marked on the ships signage and on our deck plans.
Do you have dance hosts/hostesses on board?
While we have our bubble system in place there will not be dance hosts available for any daytime or evening entertainment.
Can I join my friends' table if we've made separate bookings?
Guests can request to sit and dine with friends or family who are on a separate booking. While we cannot guarantee this request, we will do our utmost to meet your requirements.
Do you have professional photographers on board?
To help fill your holiday album with some of your most memorable cruise experiences, our professional photographers are on hand throughout your holiday to capture those special moments.
Is a hairdryer provided in my cabin?
Hairdryers are supplied in all cabins and are either hand held or fixed to the bathroom wall.
What type of plug / electricity sockets are used in the cabins?
All our cruise ships feature 2-pin (round pin) Continental style plug (220 volt-60 Hz).
Do the cabins on board have a bath, shower, or both?
All of our cruise ships have a limited number of cabin grades with both a bathtub and a shower.
What facilities will my cabin have?
When it comes to accommodation, our fleet of four ocean-going ships feature a range of choices, so you can pick what suits you best.
Are there safes in the cabins on board?
A safe is available for your convenience in every cabin (all cabins on Balmoral have an electric safe).
Is there a fridge in my cabin?
All cabins on board Balmoral and Braemar feature fridges. On Bolette and Borealis, only Suites are currently fitted with fridges. 
Can I do my washing and ironing on board?
All of our ships with the exception of Borealis have at least one fully equipped Laundry Room, complete with self service washing machines filled with with detergent. Just collect a token from Guest Services (there is a small fee for this service) and pop it in the machine. Also in the Laundry Rooms are tumble driers, irons and ironing boards. The location for the Laundry Room on Borealis is currently under review, we will update the deck plans as soon as it is confirmed.
Are toiletries provided in my cabin?
To save you the hassle of having to pack stocks of certain toiletries for use during your time on board, we provide the following in every bathroom:
Are towels provided on board?
Yes, white bathroom towels are provided in all cabins. Whilst using your ship's pools, saunas and steam rooms we ask that you utilise the blue towels provided in your cabin's wardrobe.* We politely request that guests do not use their blue towels to reserve sunbeds on deck, or take ashore.
Are there tea and coffee making facilities in all cabins?
All cabins offer complimentary tea and coffee making facilities for your personal use.
Is there WiFi on board?
Staying connected with family and friends at home while on a Fred. Olsen cruise has never been easier. 
Will I be able to make phone calls whilst on board?
Whilst on board and out of range of usual phone network providers, guests can connect to our ships satellite-based roaming network.
Are there hair stylists on board?
Each of our ships has a hair salon within the Atlantis Spa catering for both ladies and gentleman.
Is there a gym on board?
Stay in shape on your holiday in our fully-equipped Fitness Centres on board each ship. 
What is there to do on board?
Many guests find they enjoy a break from watching the world go by as they sail to the next thrilling destination, and so each Fred. Olsen ship offers a great selection of on board activities.
Where are the smoking areas on board?
We operate a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in all inside areas. Smoking will only be permitted on cabin balconies (excluding Terrace Balconies on Borealis and Bolette), and in designated open deck areas.
Will there be a religious service on board?
After breakfast on Sundays during days at sea, the Cruise Director or Deputy Cruise Director will lead prayers and readings. On Easter and Christmas cruises, as well as Grand Voyages, a member of the clergy will lead an interdenominational service.
What's the dress code on board?
Packing for your cruise holiday with Fred. Olsen is simple. The dress code is designed to ensure you feel relaxed and comfortable during your days and evenings on board, as well as your time ashore. This handy guide will help you decide what to pack for your cruise holiday.
When do I need to settle my on board account?
We ask you to register your credit or debit card at the start of the cruise. Anything you buy on board can then be charged to your cabin account and, when your cruise is over, your bill is automatically charged back to your card for your convenience.
Do you have a Library on board?
We understand the value of a good holiday read, and have a well-appointed library on board each ship offering a wide variety of books, including travel books, fiction stories, novels and autobiographies.
Where can I store my luggage on board?
The beds in each cabin on board our ships have space underneath allowing for the storage of your luggage. The height of our beds varies between grades, from 22cm to 40cm, though the majority are 29cm high.
Can I open the windows in my cabin?
It’s not possible to open the portholes and picture windows in Ocean View Cabins, but if you are staying in a Balcony Room or a Suite, you will be able to open your French windows and take in stunning scenic views from the comfort of your own private space - ideal for catching the sunrise while your room-mate sleeps, sun-bathing in the midday sunshine or stargazing in the company of your loved one.
Do you provide bathrobes in all cabins?
For those guests staying in suites and benefitting from our Suite Dreams package, bathrobes are provided, with our compliments.  
Am I able to reserve a sunbed?
For the comfort, consideration and convenience of all guests, we do not allow deck chairs or sunbeds to be reserved on board our ships. If any towels or personal belongings are left unattended for 30 minutes or longer, our staff reserve the right to remove them. Any removed items will be stored safely for guests to collect. For more information, please contact Guest Services on board, or refer to the copy of the Daily Times guest newsletter provided in your cabin.
Can I order flowers on board?
Add a touch of floral colour and fragrance to your cabin, or perhaps treat someone special, with a delightful bouquet from the Flower Shop, available on Bolette, Borealis and Balmoral.