Can I scatter ashes at sea?

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines will allow guests to bring the cremated remains of a loved one or a commemorative wreath on board to carry out a memorial commemoration during your cruise.

Please be aware of the following policy terms and conditions in accordance with MARPOL (The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from ships) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency):

  • We request that guests let us know us in advance by contacting Guest Services on 0800 0355 122 or at
  • The ashes are kept in a secure, leakproof and sealed container.
  • All items to be scattered must be bio-degradable.
  • Any items that are not bio-degradable are strictly prohibited (i.e. ribbons, imitation flowers, containers, balloons, non bio-degradable adornments, etc.)
    (A small amount of wire or non-plastic string is permitted to hold the wreath together).
  • If you wish to disperse the ashes with the container, please present a certificate confirming that it is bio-degradable. This can be supplied by the company supplying the container and should be presented once on board.
  • Scattered remains must remain on board until the commemoration service and cannot be taken ashore once on board.
  • A member of our senior crew will supervise the commemoration to ensure your privacy, and that correct policy procedures are followed.
  • Please note that the commemorative service is subject to the approval of the ships management and cannot be guaranteed.
  • The place, date and time of the commemoration service will be agreed between guests and your ships management team.
  • Due to the limited space on the deck areas used for commemorative services, we reserve the right to limit the number of guests attending the service.
  • The ship must be at least 12 nautical miles from land before a commemorative service can take place.

How to arrange a memorial commemoration

Please contact us at least seven days in advance of your cruise by phoning Guest Services on 0800 0355 122 or via email at

Our team will respectfully take a few details from you and ensure that your ship is aware of your request. You will then be contacted by one of our on board team once you are on the ship to make the necessary memorial commemoration arrangements for you.

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