How many formal and theme nights are there on my cruise?

The number of formal nights you can expect on a cruise depends on the duration of your cruise.

The exact number, including any theme nights, will be advised on your cruise ticket. The table below provides a rough guide to the number of formal nights you can expect to enjoy on your cruise.


3 nights or less

Smart casual throughout

3 - 4 nights

Captain's Welcome Party, but no formal nights

5 - 6 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 1x formal night

7- 12 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 2x formal nights

13- 20 nights

Captain's Welcome Party + 3x formal nights

22 nights +

Captain's Welcome Party + 1x formal night each week

Please refer to your booking within My Cruises for full information on the number of formal and specific theme nights on your cruise. Our theme nights are entirely optional, but the majority of our guests choose to participate.

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