Do you have facilities for visual and/or hearing impaired guests?

We welcome guests on board our ships who are visually and/or hearing impaired. For those guests who are visually impaired, you must travel with a sighted companion to ensure your safety on board our cruise ships.

For those guests who are hearing impaired, you can travel without a companion, as a solo guest, as long as you are confident that you can safely navigate around our cruise ships without assistance.

For your comfort and security, we provide these guests with a portable cabin kit, which consists of a wireless doorbell, an optical smoke alarm and a RadioLINK Alarm Kit, which is used to alert guests in the event of an emergency. We also have dedicated staff within our on board Care Team who will ensure you receive assistance to reach your muster station.

We would be delighted to print out copies of the Captain's annoucements for any hearing impaired guests, please just let our Guest Services team know on board your ship, and they will arrange these for you.

A limited number of hearing loop sets are available for use in the Neptune Lounge, but please note these are not T Loops.

Our Shore Tours team will be more than happy to make adjustments to our tours to ensure you get the very best out of your shore tours - please just let us know when you make your bookings before you cruise.

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