What treatments are offered in your Spa?

Each of our cruise ships has an Atlantis Spa on board, where guests can choose from relaxing facials, massages or beauty treatments. Located in a tranquil and relaxing setting, let our on board teams pamper and take care of you.
Any treatments you are interested in can be pre-booked through your My Cruises account, up to 13 weeks before departure.

Thermal Suite

Bolette and Borealis both have luxurious Thermal Suites on board - these are a relaxation centre with the ambience of a Turkish bath. Our steam rooms are filled with aromatherapy vapours which are the perfect way to unwind and de-stress, while heated ceramic relaxation beds are designed to match the curvature of your spine and melt away muscle tension.
Our mineral bath, heated to body temperature, gently embraces you with warmth to alleviate sore joints and soothe away your aches, providing wonderful relief for tired muscles. This is the perfect experience for the ultimate in relaxation, and spending time with your friends and family, and can be hired for an hour, seven of fourteen days.

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