What time is check-in?

Your check-in time will be indicated clearly for you on your cruise ticket, which you can expect to receive approximately 21 days prior to your cruise departure. We kindly request you arrive within your allocated time period to ensure we are able to operate a smooth and timely embarkation for all guests joining the vessel.

On arrival at the port you will be directed to the luggage drop-off area where porters will be on hand to take your luggage from you. We kindly request that all luggage is labelled and that you carry dress and suit carriers as hand luggage, as these may get damaged when passing through the security scanners. Once the porters have taken your luggage, it will next appear in your room.

At check-in you will need to produce both your ticket and passport, so please ensure you have both close at hand.

Once checked in, you will be issued with your ship’s pass and you can relax in the cruise terminal lounge until called to board.

To assist you with planning travel to the port on the day of departure we provide recommended arrival/check-in times for each cruise, which can be found on your cruise ticket. If you arrive earlier than the time shown for your cruise, you are likely to experience delays in embarking. If you find you will be arriving earlier, we suggest that you take a break for a drink or snack somewhere before heading to the cruise terminal. For fly-cruise holidays, please refer to your flight tickets for details of your check-in time at the airport. 

More information on getting to your UK depature port >

You can find the time for your chosen cruise by locating your ship, cruise number and departure date below for the time we request you arrive from.

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
L1908 23rd May Newcastle 12:00
L1909 28th May Newcastle 12:00
L1910 4th June Newcastle 12:00
L1911 5th June Rosyth 12:00
L1912 15th June Rosyth 12:00
L1913 23rd June Rosyth 12:00
L1914 30th June Rosyth 12:00
L1915 11th July Rosyth 12:00
L1916 25th July Rosyth 12:00
L1917 1st August Rosyth 12:00
L1918 6th August Rosyth 12:00
L1919 7th August Newcastle 12:00
L1920 16th August Newcastle 12:00
L1921 23rd August Newcastle 12:00
L1922 28th August Newcastle 12:00
L1923 8th September Newcastle 12:00
L1924 16th September Newcastle 12:00
L1925 27th September Newcastle 12:00
L1926 6th October Newcastle 12:00
L1927 19th October Dover 12:00
L1928 24th October Southampton 18:00
L1929 8th November Southampton 12:00
L1930 15th November Southampton 12:00
L1931 29th November Southampton 12:00
L1932 20th December Southampton 12:00
L1933 22nd December Southampton 12:00


Balmoral 2020 - 
Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
L2001 6th January 2020 Southampton 12:00


Boudicca 2019 - 

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
D1912 2nd June Dover 12:30
D1913 9th June Dover 12:30
D1914 18th June Dover 12:30
D1915 1st July Dover 12:30
D1916 15th July Dover 15:00
D1917 31st July Dover 12:30
D1918 7th August Dover 12:30
D1919 23rd August Dover 12:30
D1920 28th August Dover 12:30
D1921 6th September Dover 12:30
D1922 15th September Dover 12:30
D1923 26th September Dover 12:30
D1924 3rd October Dover 12:30
D1925 10th October Tenerife* 14:00
D1926 31st October Cape Town* 14:00
D1927 14th November Victoria* 14:00
D1928 28th November Phuket* 14:00
D1929 12th December Bali* 14:00

Boudicca 2020 - 

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
D2001 9th January 2020 Cairns* 14:00
D2002 23rd January Bali* 14:00
D2003 6th February Colombo* 14:00
D2004 20th February Dubai* 14:00
D2005 5th March Limassol* 14:00
* For independent fly cruise guests.

Braemar 2019 - 

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
M1913 26th May Southampton 12:30
M1914 8th June Southampton 12:30
M1915 21st June Southampton 12:30
M1916 29th June Southampton 12:30
M1917 9th July Southampton 12:30
M1918 23rd July Southampton 12:30
M1919 31st July Southampton 12:30
M1920 14th August Southampton 12:30
M1921 22nd August Southampton 12:30
M1922 27th August Southampton 12:30
M1923 7th September Southampton 12:30
M1924 14th September Southampton 12:30
M1925 27th September Southampton 12:30
M1926 22nd October Southampton 12:30
M1927 30th October Southampton 12:30
M1928 24th November Southampton 12:30
M1929 3rd December Southampton 12:30
M1930 19th December Barbados* 14:00

Braemar 2020 - 

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
M2001 2nd January 2020 La Romana* 14:00
M2002 16th January Barbados* 14:00
M2003 30th January La Romana* 14:00
M2004 13th February Barbados* 14:00
M2005 27th February La Romana* 14:00
M2006 12th March 2020 Barbados* 14:00

Black Watch 2019 - 

Cruise No. Embarkation Date Embarkation Port Arrive No Earlier Than
W1909 24th May Liverpool 12:30
W1910 29th May Liverpool 12:30
W1911 7th June Liverpool 12:30
W1912 20th June Liverpool 12:30
W1913 28th June Liverpool 12:30
W1914 7th July Liverpool 12:30
W1915 15th July Liverpool 12:30
W1916 30th July Liverpool 12:30
W1917 13th August Liverpool 12:30
W1918 21st August Liverpool 12:30
W1919 26th August Liverpool 12:30
W1920 3rd September Liverpool 12:30
W1921 10th September Liverpool 12:30
W1922 20th September Liverpool 12:30
W1923 3rd October Liverpool 12:30
W1924 12th October Liverpool 12:30
W1925 28th October Liverpool 12:30
W1926 11th November Liverpool 12:30
W1927 26th November Liverpool 12:30
W1928 21st December Southampton 14:00
W1929 22nd December  Southampton 12:30
If you are sailing on board our river boat, Brabant, please click here to see Embarkation and Disembarkation times.

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