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Beatiful Latvian cityscape
Riga, Latvia
Navity of Christ Catherdral in Latvia

Located in the heart of the Baltic, a Latvia cruise offers a unique experience that captivates every traveller's heart. A jewel of Northern Europe, immerse yourself in the mesmerising landscapes and cultural tapestry on a cruise holiday to Latvia.

Sail along Latvia's scenic coastline, revealing stunning Baltic Sea views and the tranquillity of its coastal landscapes. Catch a glimpse of the dense forests that cradle the medieval castles of Guaja National Park or venture inland on an excursion to witness the Gauja River in all its forms, weaving through landscapes that seem painted by nature itself.[ReadMore]


As your ship docks at Riga cruise port, step into a world where cobblestone streets lead to renowned landmarks. Stroll along the streets of Old Town Square to admire Art Nouveau architecture and indulge in the city's modern vibrancy. Don't miss a stop at the Freedom Monument and the restored Town Hall Square with its reconstructed historic-style buildings.

Marvel at the intricate spires of Dome Cathedral, witness the elegance of Peter's Church, and soak in the history at Riga Castle, each telling tales of resilience and triumph. Uncover the nation's journey to independence and witness the fusion of tradition and modernity.


Indulge in mouthwatering local dishes, from savoury Latvian pies to the freshest Baltic seafood. The bustling central markets offer a sensory journey, with stalls brimming with delectable treats.

Enchanting with its rich history, exquisite cuisine, and awe-inspiring landscapes, Latvia invites you to its shores time and again.

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