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Acropolis of Athens, Greece
Acropolis of Athens, Greece

As the cradle of Western civilisation, the Mediterranean boasts a cultural legacy that is hard to match. The world's largest inland sea is home to ancient ruins, legendary cities, fantastic food, awe-inspiring art, and sun-kissed beaches. In short, the Mediterranean is a visual and sensual feast.

A cruise through this extraordinary region provides the opportunity to experience the variety the area has to offer: from the cosmopolitan cities of the Western Mediterranean to Italy, Sardinia, Greece, and Egypt in the east. Immersion into the culture and history of Naples and Herculaneum Granada's world-famous Alhambra Palace, Athens' Acropolis, the Napoleonic city of Ajaccio or a journey of discovery from Alexandria to the see the Pyramids of Giza – all are classic adventures that live long in the memory. The Mediterranean’s past is on full view: France’s prehistoric cave paintings; Roman monuments of power and ambition; Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance palaces and Baroque facades abound. [ReadMore]

From the vast sands of Portugal to sheltered coves along Croatia's rugged Dalmatian coast and idyllic Sardinian hideaways, the beaches of the Mediterranean are truly amazing. A cruise along its shores will reveal an often inaccessible collection of the Med’s fine scenery: picturesque bays, Riviera chic, old fishing villages and pine-clad cliffs.

Food and drink is the region’s obsession. Whether nibbling on a chunk of freshly baked French bread with cheese and olives, or sipping a glass of Chianti, the Med is a haven for dedicated foodies. Culinary specialities are a constant draw: Spanish tapas, Portuguese pastries, Turkish kebabs – plus the world’s most famous wine vintages. A Mediterranean cruise offers all this in a region where exploration and discovery never come to an end.