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Braemar cruising the open sea
Braemar cruising the open sea

Widely regarded as the biblical Holy Land, few destinations stir the soul and passions quite the way Israel does. From the most sacred sites in Jerusalem and Nazareth to the awe-inspiring beauty of its hills, valleys and the eerie Dead Sea, this is a country for the curious.  [ReadMoreMob]

A cruise to Israel reveals a vibrant, modern history and culture, and the religious devotion of the Muslims, Christians and Jews who live here is visible across every facet of life. At the centre of Jerusalem - within reach on tour from Ashdod - is the Old City, surrounded by the famous walls, in particular the Western Wall, which is visited by millions of worshippers, and notes containing heartfelt wishes are wedged into the crevices.

The Dead Sea is said to offer visitors relief from any ailments due to its healing properties, and is also known as the ‘lowest health spa in the world’. The composition of salts and minerals in the water are what makes it so beneficial for the body