France Cruises

Palais de la Bourse located at Bordeaux France
Palais de la Bourse located at Bordeaux France

Put simply, France is the promise of beautiful countryside, fine wines, stunning architecture, world-class galleries and museums and delicious food. The country represents a uniquely-refined chic that is especially true of its romantic capital, Paris, with its breathtaking monuments, charismatic Seine River and iconic history. [ReadMoreMob]

A cruise to this noble European land offers so much: vineyard tours, stunning beaches, soaring mountains and picture-perfect villages with cobbled streets, café terraces, cosy bistros, Bayeux Tapestries and the ubiquitous scene of people playing boules in shady squares. From Joan of Arc’s Rouen to UNESCO-listed Bordeaux, the republic’s heritage is never far away. The medieval island of Mont St Michel has 60 national heritage sites alone and the maritime past of Normandy lives on in towns like Honfleur.

The intimate rhythm of French life will get under the skin of every visitor that doesn’t resist it. Everyday rituals get transformed into unforgettable experiences, be that a croissant outside a street café, a stroll through Monet’s lily gardens, or blowing the cobwebs away on a Brittany beach awash with Celtic history.

Of course, French gastronomy goes beyond just eating well. The experimental spirit of the French means there is always something appetising to discover and try. From the crêpes of Lorient to the Cognac of La Rochelle, the nation’s culinary delights are endless. All of that coupled with the warm welcome proffered by the locals makes any cruise to France an unforgettable adventure.