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Panoramic view of ancient Carthage. Tunis, Tunisia
Archaeological Site of Carthage , Tunisia
Spices being sold on a market, Tunisia

Welcome aboard your cruise ship to Tunisia, where the azure Mediterranean Sea meets the rich tapestry of North African history. Nestled between Algeria and Libya, this enchanting destination promises a voyage filled with cultural wonders and breathtaking landscapes. Let the aromas of exotic food and the vibrant hues of bustling marketplaces captivate your senses as you stroll through the ancient medinas.

Treat yourself to Tunisian cuisine, a harmonious blend of Arabic, Berber, and Mediterranean flavours. From fragrant couscous dishes to aromatic stews and succulent grilled meats, each bite is a revelation. Wander through the lively chaos of markets and stalls overflowing with colourful spices, fresh herbs, and local produce. Engage with vendors, and let the sights and scents inspire your culinary curiosity.[ReadMore]

Tunisia boasts a stunning coastline with beaches offering sun-soaked relaxation and natural beauty, where the sun paints the sky in hues of orange and pink during the magical hours of dawn and dusk. But a Tunisia cruise is much more than just a beach holiday destination. Beyond the famed stretches of golden sands, the country's charm extends to its UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Embark on a Mediterranean cruise to Tunisia and discover the hidden gem of La Goulette Cruise Port: gateway to a world where past traditions meet modern allure. While in Tunis, Tunisia's capital, don't miss the historic Medina, a mesmerising labyrinth showcasing centuries of cultural architecture. Be sure to visit iconic landmarks like the Zitouna Mosque, seamlessly blending the past with the present. Wander through the Old Town, where you'll find broad boulevards, cafes, and flower stalls.

Cruises to Tunisia

Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
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Exploring the Colourful Adriatic • T2423

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Sail from Liverpool
Mon 30 Sep 2024
20 nights
  • Enjoy two days in Croatia and explore Diocletian's Palace
  • Cruise along the fjord-like Bay of Kotor aboard Bolette
  • Marvel at Skradinski Buk waterfalls in Krka National Park
Dubrovnik walls, Croatia Dubrovnik walls, Croatia The walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Scenic Gems of the Dalmatian Coast • S2516

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Sail from Dover
Thu 05 Jun 2025
22 nights
  • Enjoy cruising along the Dalmatian Coast and into the Bay of Kotor
  • Experience the traditions and cultures of this exciting region
  • Explore the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and Split
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

Mountains, Islands & Lakes of the Dalmatian Coast • T2609

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Sail from Liverpool
Tue 28 Apr 2026
24 nights
  • Enjoy unforgettable scenic cruising of the Dalmatian Coast
  • Indulge in local red wines and watch a Picigan ball game
  • Visit Lake Bled and Plitvice Lakes' cascading waterfalls

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