Guest Speaker & Enrichment Opportunities Available with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

At Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, 175 years of experience goes into making each and every day count for our guests. Each year, our itineraries are meticulously hand-crafted by our team of skilled Journey Planners, taking our guests to the right places at the right times, and carefully selected destinations based on culture and nature. On board, we love to welcome noteworthy guest speakers, specialist instructors and local guides to deliver enthusiastic and immersive talks and demonstrations to enhance our guest’s experience.

We are excited to share that we are now seeking guest speakers to join us on our newly released 2025 and 2026 itineraries.

David Nikel

As a guest speaker on a Fred. Olsen cruise, you will have the opportunity to cruise the world and experience new and exciting destinations, or revisit places that hold special memories for you. Ashore, you will be able to escort Shore Tours and share your extensive knowledge with likeminded people, who are as enthusiastic about the places you're visiting as you are. On board, you will host talks, presentations and small private lunch forums, focusing on your area of expertise.

“If you’re genuinely passionate about your topic, I can’t recommend speaking on Fred Olsen enough. Fred Olsen guests are keen to learn and often ask thought-provoking questions. This isn’t a one-way conversation!”

David Nikel, Specialist Guest Speaker

David Nikel

What we look for in our Guest speakers?


As a guest speaker on a Fred. Olsen cruise, you'll have the opportunity to cruise the world and experience new and exciting destinations, or revisit places that hold special memories for you. You'll be able to escort shore tours and share your extensive knowledge with like minded people, who are as enthusiastic about the places you're visiting as you. When on board, you'll host talks, presentations and small private forums, and will be able to experience life on board - enjoying taking meals in our elegant restaurants, or perhaps a relaxing hot drink in the Bookmark Café. 

“If you’re genuinely passionate about your topic, I can’t recommend speaking on Fred Olsen enough. Fred Olsen guests are keen to learn and often ask thought-provoking questions. This isn’t a one-way conversation!”

David Nikel, Specialist Guest Speaker

what experience do I need?

Having the right credibility and relevance to our cruises is very important to us. Your credibility can come from studies, education, work experience, and personal or family links to the destinations we visit. The most important thing for us, however, is that you are genuinely passionate about your subject. You should enthusiastically bring your topics to life through your own expertise and knowledge. We expect guest speakers and guides to actively engage with the audience, not read verbatim from slides or notes. You should also be approachable, friendly and happy to speak to guests around the ship when on board.

What will I be expected to do?

We ask our guest speakers to prepare one talk for each sea day which is on the cruise itinerary. Locals and ex-pats can expect to be involved with social activities around the ship, whilst photographers will be out on deck helping guests capture the moment. Talks should last around 45 minutes and can be supported by presentation slides. As well as talks, there is a diverse range of activities and workshops that can be offered to enhance the cruise experience for our guests. We run ‘An Audience with…’ programme, which could see you being interviewed on stage by our Entertainments Manager, with a Q&A from the audience, or perhaps you would like to run a workshop with smaller groups of guests. You could also host a pre-dinner cocktail session, giving guests the chance to meet you in a sociable setting and enjoy an informal chat, or you could host a private lunch forum. Limited to just eight guests, these lunches offer the opportunity for guests to spend dedicated time with you discussing your area of expertise, whilst enjoying a delicious three-course meal. Meanwhile, ashore, you could join relevant Shore Tours in some of our destinations, sharing your knowledge and experiences with our guests along the way.

our Up coming speaker opportunities

If you would like to join us on board in 2025 and 2026, full details of available opportunities and required subjects can be found below.

We have hand-crafted our 2025 and 2026 itineraries to allow our guests to discover some of the most incredible architecture and notable landmarks the world has to offer. If you possess an in-depth knowledge and passion for all things architectural, then we would love to welcome you on board. From delivering engaging presentations to accompanying guests on Shore Tours, you will bring local architecture to life, sharing insights into its conception, design and innovation.

January - April 2025
May - August 2025
September - December 2025
January - May 2026


On each itinerary, there are plenty of opportunities for our guests to immerse themselves in the local way of life. We are seeking locals and ex-pats who are deeply connected to their communities to join us on board. You will share your experiences and stories about your cultures and traditions and the way of life in your local area, allowing our guests to delve deeper into the rich cultural fabric of the destinations we will be visiting.

Mediterranean, Morocco & Canary Islands Scandinavia & Baltics British Isles Azores & Portugal Western Europe & Iberia

Are you a keen photographer with a keen eye for detail and passion for capturing some of the world’s most breathtaking destinations? Do you love sharing your expertise with others? If so, we would love to welcome you on board as a guest photographer. From providing hands-on tutorials to sharing invaluable tips and techniques, you will help our guests elevate their photography skills to new heights, teaching them how to capture timeless photos of their adventures.

Are you a seasoned Naturalist or passionate Horticulturist? We are looking for eager individuals to join us on board to share insights into the diverse ecosystems, natural history and botanical treasures that await exploration. From the famous springtime blooms of Keukenhof to the lush rainforest ecosystems that can be found in South America, you will help our guests to forge a deeper connection to the beauty and wonder of nature.

January - April 2025
May - August 2025
September - December 2025
January - May 2026

Do you love to uncover fascinating stories and legacies of the past? We are seeking passionate historians who are dedicated to bringing history to life to join us on the below sailings. From leading engaging lectures and immersive discussions to accompanying our guests on tour to some of the world’s most iconic historic sites, you will share insights on hidden gems and pivotal moments that shaped civilisations around the world.

January - April 2025
May to August 2025
September - December 2025


January - May 2026

We are seeking knowledgeable and enthusiastic people with a passion for Earth Science to join us on board. Covering a wide range of topics, including geology, astronomy, and environmental science, you will help our guests to foster a deeper appreciation for the natural world through engaging talks and interactive workshops, and provide insights into geological formations, such as the Norwegian Fjords or the contrasting landscapes of Iceland, and natural phenomenon, such as the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun.

January - April 2025
May to August 2025
January - May 2026


If you are passionate about gastronomy and culinary treats, then we would love to hear from you. As we explore rich, vibrant destinations with our treasured guests, they will sample local treats of the region, such as limoncello, Pasties de Nata or stroopwafels. To enhance their experience, you will deliver informative talks on the local delicacies and culinary history of the destinations we will visit, or perhaps host a tasting session on board.

Below are some points which may help you prior to joining your Fred. Olsen cruise.  


A companion can join you on the cruise free of charge, sharing your cabin and enjoy the same benefits as you. 


You will be provided with a free twin cabin in the guest area for you and your companion, generally these will be ocean view cabins but this not guaranteed.


Whilst on-board the company will provide, free of charge, all meals (breakfast, lunch, standard afternoon tea, dinner, midnight buffet) We ask that speakers dine within the relaxed dining restaurant on the first night of the cruise. Speakers may then be able to dine in the main dining room subject to space.  They would then be expected to tip the waiting staff there separately.

On-Board Spend & discount

You will be entitled to on-board discounts and privileges:

- £25 per day on board spend – this is per cabin and not per person and can be used towards any spend on board. Please note, any monies left on the account at the end of the cruise will be lost and cannot be claimed back.

- 20% discount on purchases in the bar, restaurant, telephone calls and in the concessionaire outlets

- 20% discount in the Spa/Salon on Port Days

- 50% discount on your laundry

Further details of these will be confirmed in your joining letter which will be sent to you 10-14 days before your cruise commences.

Shore Tours

There is no discount applied for shore tours, however, it may be possible for you and your companion to act as an escort on tours which means you will not be charged for the tour.  You would be responsible for carrying out basic tour escort duties, which include carrying a small first aid bag, small logo’d paddle, so guests can see you, and do a head count.  There would be a local tour agent present. To arrange this, please visit the Destination desk whilst on board as it is not possible to pre-book. We do encourage speakers to escort tours that match their expertise. Whilst speakers are able to accompany tours free of charge, their companions must book the tour seperately.


You should be aware that subsided gratuities (tips) of £2 per person per day will be automatically collected from your on-board account at the end of each cruise.  This is to recognise the service you have received from the waiting staff and housekeeping.   This is charged for the speaker and their travelling companion, so £4 in total per day for two people sharing a twin cabin.

Dress Code

There are 2 formal nights on cruises of 12 nights duration or less, 3 formal nights on cruises 13 to 21 nights and 22 nights plus it generally works out to one formal night per week.  This will be confirmed in the Journey Guide.


If you live more than 250 miles from the port, you can claim £100 in expenses which can be claimed on your return from the cruise by letting our Enrichment Administrator know, who will email you an expenses claim form.

Flights (Where applicable)

If you are appointed a cruise where a flight to a non-UK port is involved, we will arrange the flight from your nearest major airport (i.e. London/Manchester/Scotland) for you and your travelling companion.  We will cover the full cost of your flight, however, we will charge a subsidised rate for your travelling companion’s flight.  Rates will differ depending on where you join the ship. 

You will be expected to make your own arrangements to get to the airport.  When you arrive at the overseas destination we will arrange for a local agent to meet and transfer you and your companion to the ship and this will be at our cost.

Where we have dedicated Fred. Olsen flights from London & Manchester, all seats on these flights have to be filled before we can book scheduled flights, so please be aware you may not be flying from your nearest airport.  If this is the case we will cover your extra travelling expenses.

Joining Instructions

You will receive by email, a set of joining instructions approximately 10-14 days prior to embarkation.  This will advise various information regarding your cabin number, the address of where the ship is berthed, the collection of baggage labels from the terminal reception, who the Cruise Director is etc.

Talks & Presentations

During your cruise, you will be required to provide the talks as requested. Your talk titles, biography and photo of yourself are to be sent to us as soon as possible after being confirmed for the cruise with the Journey Experience Coordinator. We create a ‘Journey Guide’ that is sent out to guests approximately 13 weeks prior to the cruise which details all of their cruise and tours information – this guide will also contain speaker photos and introductions/biographies.

Talks should last 45 minutes in duration and speakers should prepare 1 talk per sea day. We generally do not ask speakers to talk more than once per day.

We also record lectures so that if a guest is unable to attend the talk, they will be able to catch up on this through their cabin TV. All talks will be deleted from the cabin TVs at the end of the cruise.

No merchandise shall be sold on board without permission from the Company, the Cruise Director or his/her deputy on board. 

Presentation Equipment

We have a dedicated laptop on each ship for the sole purpose of presentations so you are able to take memory sticks.  However, we do suggest that you take your own laptop as you will be familiar it.

If you are creating your presentation by Apple Mac, please save this to a USB Device.  All presentations are run on windows laptops which contain ‘Mac to PC’ software allowing MAC presentations to operate on our hardware without issue.

We also have to take note the standard of presentation should be in MS Office format.  Some presentations for MAC would not load/open in Windows, such as Keynote.

Travel & Health Insurance

You are required to have travel insurance for you and your companion which must cover all your medical conditions to include repatriation from a cruise ship.

Data Protection

To apply with the new laws on Data Protection (GDPR), we ask that you be mindful when exchanging personal information with guests.  An example is set out below:-

  • If a guest has approached you regarding your talk/class and you have offered to send them some literature/further information, if they are happy to provide you with their personal information (name/email/address) then you can only use their details to send the agreed information.

You should not hold their details for any other purpose and should not send them unwanted mailings.  You should not pass or share their personal details with anyone else without prior permission in writing from them.