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Friends going on a snorkelling tour in Praslin Island
Friends going on a snorkelling tour in Praslin Island

Imagine a pristine, powdered beach, fringed with swaying palms and surrounded by a coral necklace. Multiply that thought by a thousand, and the result is the islands of the Indian Ocean. This part of the world is paradise; each destination offers diverse cultures, time-honoured traditions, breathtaking natural wonders and amazing endemic wildlife. [ReadMoreMob]

The desert-island dream of the Maldives, where tiny islands are scattered like jewels across a turquoise lagoon, is a sublime, romantic resort. Similarly, the Seychelles, renowned for its postcard-perfect beaches and giant tortoises, presents a heaven on Earth.

An island-hopping cruise through this region offer chances to indulge in a wealth of experiences, such as thrilling helicopter rides over Reunion's vast volcanic landscapes; encounters with Madagascar's endemic fauna and flora; and snorkelling adventures in the Indian Ocean's largest lagoon.

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