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Colourful boats in Zanzibar
Aerial view of beautiful hotel in Indian ocean at sunset in summer. Zanzibar,
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Why Should you Cruise to Tanzania?

Located in the east of Africa, the country of Tanzania boasts a phenomenal array of staggering scenery, blossoming wildlife and tranquil white beaches that have earned it the merit of being listed as one of the top five most stunningly beautiful countries to visit on the planet. A cruise to Tanzania is more than a mere holiday; it’s a journey of discovery, where some of the greatest wonders of the world can be appreciated in all their natural glory.[ReadMoreMob]


Explore the Islands of Zanzibar

Start your Tanzania cruise by taking in the mesmerizing surroundings of the islands of Zanzibar that glisten like a crown jewel in the Indian Ocean, just off the eastern mainland of Tanzania. The islands are historically renowned for their rich supply of spices and have been home to a number of civilizations, including the Ancient Egyptians, for at least 20,000 years.” The island’s vivid history and picturesque attractions can be enjoyed by taking a gentle stroll along the Dhow Harbour, where age-old Arabian ships still float along the crystal-clear waters. 

Experience Tanzania's Natural Beauty

To fully experience the raw, natural beauty of Tanzania a trip to the mainland is a must. Home of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti Migration and the world famous Gombe National Park, let Mother Nature steal your breath as you witness a 10,000-strong herd of roaming elephants, the 102 square mile Ngorongo Crater and the Serengeti of Flowers, otherwise known by the locals as the ‘Garden of God’.

If you want an unforgettable holiday or adventure, cruise to Tanzania and experience the trip of a lifetime. If you’re a fan of sun, sea and wildlife why not check out our African cruises for more great ideas.

Cruises to Tanzania

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