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Sandy beach in The Seychelles
Sandy beach in The Seychelles
Hindu Temple in The Seychelles

Consisting of more than 150 beautiful islands dotted in the tranquil Indian Ocean, The Republic of Seychelles is famous for its white beaches, blue waters and island charm. A cruise to the Seychelles is more than just a trip in a boat – it’s a chance for you to truly unwind in the sun, leaving behind normal life for just a little while and immersing yourself in complete relaxation. [ReadMoreMob]

Experience nature, corals, palm trees, jungles, mountains and stunning natural landscape as you explore the islands and come away feeling like a whole new person. There’s nothing quite like gently floating on the blue waters, surrounded by nothing more than the sound of the water and the heat of the sun.

Whether you’re visiting for a romantic honeymoon, a break away from work or as part of a well-earned retirement, this island hopping voyage is a trip that will stay with you for the rest of your life. After relaxing on the beach, pay a visit to the capital, Victoria and immerse yourself in the relaxed island culture, haggling in the markets, eating fresh seafood and strolling along the streets as you mingle with the friendly locals. Everyone is happy in the Seychelles, and there’s a reason why – its paradise. [ReadMoreDesk]

If you want to get away and experience an unforgettable holiday in the sun and sea, book yourself a place on a Seychelles cruise and get ready for the trip of a lifetime. If you’re a fan of sun and sea, why not check out our Caribbean cruises for more great ideas.

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