Friends going snorkelling in Mamoudzou
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Set sail on a remarkable cruise holiday to Mayotte, an exotic gem in the Mozambique Channel, located between Madagascar and the southeastern coast of Africa. Explore Grand-Terre and marvel at the view of Petit-Terre. The twin jewels of the Mayotte Islands offer a harmonious blend of French charm and untouched landscapes.[ReadMore]

Immerse yourself in the turquoise embrace of its waters, which cradle the expansive Indian Ocean's largest lagoon. Dive into a marine wonderland, where over 250 varieties of hard coral create a vibrant and thriving underwater ecosystem. From pristine beaches to lush interiors, these islands are a haven for nature enthusiasts and those seeking serene escapes.


Discover Mayotte's natural wonders with an extensive network of lush mangroves, creating a tapestry of greenery that unfolds along the coastline; or immerse yourself in the serenity of humid rainforests, a sanctuary of vibrant foliage and exotic flora.

Every step is a journey through time and geological marvels. Unveil stunning volcanic landscapes adorned with deep ravines and ancient peaks that pierce the sky. For hiking enthusiasts, conquer the heights of Mount Benara and Mount Mtsapere, each offering panoramic views that transcend the ordinary.

As we cruise around the French Mayotte Islands, perhaps snorkel alongside turtles, dance with tropical fish, and witness the playful antics of dolphins, as a surreal aquatic paradise unfolds beneath the surface.


Mamoudzou – the capital of Mayotte – serves as a cultural crossroads, influenced by African, Eastern, Indian, European, and Malagasy traditions. This diversity is reflected in the customs, cuisine, and daily life of its inhabitants. Stroll through vibrant markets, savouring the flavours of Creole and French cuisine. Engage with the warm hospitality of Mayotte's communities and witness traditional performances that encapsulate the spirit and history of Mamoudzou.

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