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North America Cruises

Frontenac Castle in Old Quebec City
Frontenac Castle in Old Quebec City
Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

North America covers a vast area stretching from Alaska to Mexico. As a continent, it offers visitors a huge choice of experience from the stunning mountains, lakes and towering forests of Canada to the modern, pulsating metropolises of the USA and the idyllic beaches along Mexico’s Pacific coast. [ReadMoreMob]

Few visitors to this continent of natural drama cannot help but stop, slack-jawed at the sheer beauty of these lands. North America can claim to cover every climatic zone: from its deepest gorge in Mexico’s Copper Canyon to the highest peak of Alaska’s Mt McKinley, it is a region of extremes.

It is also a land of adventure and exploration. The extraordinary history of Canada’s easternmost settlements offer insights into the early beginnings of Newfoundland and Quebec, while a trip to the country’s coastal destinations provides an autumnal colour-fest of trees and leaves. San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco are three West Coast cities that give visitors a true taste of the American Dream, while unspoilt Mexican towns like Cozumel provide a gateway to explore mysterious Mayan and Aztec ruins. [ReadMoreDesk]

Food obviously features prominently on any adventure across this continent. Any one trip can provide a swathe of eating experiences: Asian fusion from award-winning Californian chefs; simple tacos from a Mexican street vendor: and fresh lobster and oysters served off a pier in Nova Scotia – just a few ways to experience the taste of Americana. North America has the capacity to fulfil any travel dream, and a cruise along the shores of this continent offers a kaleidoscope of landscapes and history, cultures and cuisines.