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Pitons in St. Lucia
Pitons in St. Lucia

St Lucia offers you everything you would expect to find on a Caribbean island: a tropical climate, rainforests and unspoilt beaches. Your cruise ship will take you to the capital of the island, Castries. It is a city that’s throbbing with life with the stunning backdrop of the soaring Morne Fortune. Its streets burst with tempting shops and markets that will do untold damage to your credit cards.  [ReadMoreMob]

The many restaurants on the island serve a combination of Creole with French and West Indian influences. Seafood features heavily on the menu (especially langouste and conch) as does the local beer and rum.

Taking a walk on the wild side, venturing further inland gives you the opportunity to take an aerial tram through the treetops of the rainforest.The north of the island is home to Pigeon Island National Park where you can explore the remains of Fort Rodney.

For a taste of tropical luxury, a cruise holiday to St. Lucia is just the ticket.

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