Covid protocols on board

Do you have improved air handling and filtration systems aboard your ships?
Prior to our return to sailing, we installed new UV light treatment systems as part of our air handling system, which are specifically designed to inactivate viruses and improve overall air quality aboard our ships.
Will I need to wear a facemask whilst on board?
Based on the current Government guidelines for the cruise industry, guests are no longer required to wear a mask while on board (unless you choose to do so). 
What will happen if I contract Covid-19 while I am on board?
If you test positive for Covid-19 during your cruise with us, we will provide you with a new cabin (this will always be a balcony cabin where possible) where you will be able to rest comfortably, safe in the knowledge that our medical team will be on hand to support you.
What will happen if I am identified as a close contact during my cruise?
If you are identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 during your cruise, we will ask you to complete a PCR test. 
Why are the requirements for close contacts different on the ship different to the requirements ashore?
Prior to our return to sailing, we worked very closely with the UK Government and our industry body CLIA on a framework of on-board protocols. A
Will I need to test during my cruise?
You will only need to test during your cruise if it is required by one of the destinations. Any tests that need to be completed during your cruise will be provided by us on board.
I understand that some services may be reduced on board if some crew members need to isolate. How will reduced services impact my cruise?
We will always do our best to operate as many of our on board facilities as possible, as we know that these services play a big part in your cruise holiday with us. 
What will happen if my partner/cabin companion tests positive, but I don’t?
If the person you are travelling with tests positive but you test negative, you will have two options: