Covid protocols on board

How will any on board procedures impact on the dining during my cruise?
All guests are allocated tables in our main dining rooms as usual, with each table to include up to a maximum of six guests. This will become your ‘social bubble’.  
Does this mean that I can only eat with members of my bubble each evening?
You do not have to dine as your full social bubble for all meals, as long as you are not dining with anyone outside of your bubble.
You have previously mentioned a flexible dining option on your new ships – will this still be available?
While there are restrictions in place, we will only be offering fixed dining in our main dining rooms each evening, at set dining times. The timings are currently 6.15pm and 8.30pm.
I am a solo traveller, will I have an opportunity to meet my ‘social bubble’ before dinner on the first night?
We know that meeting new people is a big part of the cruise experience, which is why we have created our social bubbles.
Will you still be offering a buffet option outside of the fixed dining times?
Our buffet restaurants will remain open across the fleet. All buffet dishes will be served by our crew. 
Will you still be offering entertainment on board, including in your theatres?
Our new ships, Bolette and Borealis, have beautiful two-tiered theatres that allow plenty of room for us to offer entertainment for our guests.
Are there restrictions to activities and leisure facilities on board?
All of our onboard facilities, including our pools, gyms, spas and shops, are open and available for use during your cruise.
Will you still be offering dance hosts for those wanting to have a dance in the evenings?
While we have our bubble system in place there will not be dance hosts available for any daytime or evening entertainment.
Do you have improved air handling and filtration systems aboard your ships?
Prior to our return to sailing, we installed new UV light treatment systems as part of our air handling system, which are specifically designed to inactivate viruses and improve overall air quality aboard our ships.
When will I be able to pre-book my shore tours?
We will send you a Journey Guide with all of the available shore excursions prior to your cruise setting sail, and you will be able to book these in advance of your cruise. This will include the latest guidance and protocols for each destination that you are due to visit.
What additional facilities will there be available in my cabin?
All cabins aboard our fleet include tea and coffee making facilities, as well as in-cabin entertainment with television programmes, films and music on the TVs. 
If everyone has been vaccinated, will I still need to wear a face mask while on board?
We do ask all guests to wear a face mask when moving around inside the ship and where social distancing is not possible (we do ask for a mask, rather than a shield or covering).
I am exempt from wearing a face mask – will I still be able to cruise with you?
We understand that not everyone is able to wear a face mask on medical grounds. 
Will I be able to wear another forms of face covering, such as a face shield?
We do ask all guests to wear a face mask when moving around inside the ship and where social distancing is not possible.
Will you be operating a ‘track and trace’ system or similar aboard your ships?
All guests will be provided with a ‘TraceSafe’ wearable tracing device at check-in.
Will you be sailing with a reduced capacity aboard your ships?
Yes, our ships are sailing at a reduced capacity to allow our guests plenty of space to socially distance during their time on board with us
I am a solo traveller – what will my onboard experience look like if I do not have a ‘bubble’ to travel with?
All guests who are travelling alone will be allocated a ‘social bubble’ who they can choose to dine with for any or all of their meals. They will be able to enjoy all other onboard facilities within their ‘social bubble’.  
Will there be any venues open for dancing?
At present we are only able to offer entertainment to a seated audience, in line with guidance for the cruise industry. As a result, we are not able to offer dancing in any of our venues.
What will happen if I contract Covid-19 while I am on board?
If you test positive for Covid-19 during your cruise with us, we will provide you with a new cabin (this will always be a balcony cabin where possible) where you will be able to rest comfortably, safe in the knowledge that our medical team will be on hand to support you.
What will happen if I am identified as a close contact during my cruise?
If you are identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 during your cruise, we will provide you with a new cabin where you will be able to isolate comfortably on board and will be well looked after by our crew.
Why are the requirements for close contacts different on the ship different to the requirements ashore?
Prior to our return to sailing, we worked very closely with the UK Government and our industry body CLIA on a framework of on-board protocols. A
Will I need to test during my cruise?
Yes, we will provide tests for you to complete at various intervals during your cruise.
I understand that some services may be reduced on board if some crew members need to isolate – can you tell me what services these are?
It is difficult to confirm which services may be affected, as it depends which of our team members are isolating at any given time.