Will guests be required to be fully vaccinated before being able to cruise with FOCL?

We are pleased to advise that there is no requirement for guests to be vaccinated against Covid-19, excluding those sailing on our Grand Voyages*. Guests will be required to be fully vaccinated for the destinations visited on those cruise.

Currently this means guests must have their first and second vaccines, plus at least one booster no less than 7 days prior prior to sailing. In addition, guests will be required to take a COVID-19 test prior to the cruise and bring proof of their negative lateral flow test to show at check-in.

*Those guests sailing on Grand Voyages, World Cruises or any shorter sectors of these longer sailings will still be required to provide this information, as there are still many destinations in parts of the world that have some requirements in place, or may re-implement them if cases rise.

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