I have had Covid-19 in the lead up to my cruise, but I have returned a negative result, can I still travel on my cruise?

All guests will need to bring proof of a negative test result, taken within 24 hours of your cruise departure, to show at check-in.  

We ask all guests to please not travel to the port if you are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Accepted proof is the test cassette showing a negative test result or an email, letter or text confirmation from the test kit provider confirming a negative test result.

Lateral Flow Test kits are readily available at most high street chemists and online.

You can also order a Lateral Flow Test via our test kit partner Bupa at https://bupatesting.everythinggeneticltd.co.uk/index.php and record your result at https://my.everythinggeneticltd.co.uk/self_reporting

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