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Bay of Kotor bay is one of the most beautiful places on Adriatic Sea
Bolette in Kotor, Montenegro
Town of Perast Kotor bay

A jewel on the Adriatic coast, at the southeastern edge of Europe, cradled between Croatia and Albania, embark on a Montenegro cruise to explore its historic cities, sandy shores, and rugged landscapes that redefine the notion of natural beauty.

A Montenegro cruise holiday is perfect for beach lovers. Budva Riviera offers golden sands, crystal-clear waters and a lively atmosphere. Mogren Beach and Jaz Beach are just a glimpse of the beauty awaiting visitors. For thrill-seekers, the Riviera offers water sports, boat trips, and the chance to explore nearby islands. Or ascend to Lovćen's peaks for panoramic views, where nature's tapestry unfolds, revealing lush forests and diverse wildlife.[ReadMore]


Your cruise in Montenegro isn't just a journey; it's a passage through centuries. Step into the heart of Kotor's Old Town, nestled in a cove-like arc along the Adriatic Sea and cobblestone streets echo with tales of medieval marvels. Once under the rule of Venice, witness their influence through the many narrow pathways and squares draped in Venetian colour. Explore ancient citadels and churches, each whispering secrets of a bygone era.


The Bay of Kotor's natural beauty is unparalleled, with its fjord-like appearance captivating every traveller. Our small ships are perfectly sized to traverse the narrow passageways surrounded by steep mountainous slopes and picturesque backdrops at every turn. As we cruise Kotor, encounter enchanting coastal towns along the bay, each unique with character. From the Venetian architecture of Perast to the seaside allure of Herceg Novi, the Bay of Kotor unfolds a tapestry of coastal charm.

Embark on a mesmerising cruise to Montenegro and Croatia, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Balkans. Azure coastlines, a tapestry of culture, local traditions, and cultural wonders await your exploration.

Cruises to Montenegro

Bolette docked in Kotor, Montenegro Bolette docked in Kotor, Montenegro Bolette docked in Kotor, Montenegro
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Cultural Adriatic Discovery • S2412

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Thu 30 May 2024
20 nights
  • Marvel at waterfalls in Croatia's Krka National Park
  • Cruise the fjord-like waters of the Bay of Kotor
  • Immerse yourself in the local way of life
Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro Bay of Kotor, Montenegro
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Exploring the Colourful Adriatic • T2423

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Mon 30 Sep 2024
20 nights
  • Enjoy two days in Croatia and explore Diocletian's Palace
  • Cruise along the fjord-like Bay of Kotor aboard Bolette
  • Visit Sicily, home to the still active volcano Mount Etna
Dubrovnik walls, Croatia Dubrovnik walls, Croatia The walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia

Scenic Gems of the Dalmatian Coast • S2516

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Thu 05 Jun 2025
22 nights
  • Enjoy cruising along the Dalmatian Coast and into the Bay of Kotor
  • Experience the traditions and cultures of this exciting region
  • Explore the ancient cities of Dubrovnik and Split