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Durres, Albania
Great Mosque in center of Durres , Albania

Enigmatic Albania

The enigmatic country of Albania, located on the south west of Balkan peninsula, has long been an enigma to the rest of the Mediterranean, having closed its borders for most of the 20th century. Nowadays however, visitors can experience for themselves the golden beaches, historic Greek and Roman sites, all framed by craggy snow-capped mountains. A cruise to Albania is sure to be both a fascinating and intellectual experience.


The pretty town of Durres was once the capital of Albania, albeit briefly, and is known as 'The Eternal City', due to its 3000 year old history. There is a truly Mediterranean air about it, with crystal blue seas and a lovely 10km stretch of beach; but also fascinating archaeological sites such as the amphitheatre of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, with its capacity of 15,000 seats. 

Traditional Albanian Food

With their roots in the ancient Ottoman Empire, food in Albania is deliciously mediterranean, with meat the basis of many dishes. Popular dishes include sudjuk (similar to salami) petula (fried dough made sweet or savoury) and tavë kosi, usually accompanied by the local Raki or strong Turkish coffee. A Fred. Olsen cruise to Albania is certainly one that will remain in memories for years to come.


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