When can I view and book the shore tours on my cruise?

Shore Tours are bookable online from approximately 13 weeks prior to departure. You will receive an email, if you have registered an email address with us, from the Destination Experience team, advising you when they are available to view and book through My Cruises on this website, and on the app.

You will also receive a detailed Journey Guide in the post to assist in your choice, which will arrive approximately a week later.

Once you've booked your tours you will receive an e-mail confirmation and your tickets will be printed for you and placed in your cabin for your arrival.

You can view the shore tours you have booked in My Cruises at any time, using your personal login details.

If you experience problems viewing shore tours on our website or app, please contact our friendly Destination Experience department via e-mail at destinationexperiences@fredolsen.co.uk. Available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

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