Is there any health advice I need to be aware of?

This is dependent on your chosen cruise holiday itinerary and the ports of call included on the cruise. If there is a mandatory requirement, you will be advised at time you make your cruise booking and/or it will be detailed on your confirmation invoice. However, due to ever-changing health regulations, we suggest that you contact your local GP approximately 12 weeks prior to departure for the most up-to-date information.

General travel advice is also available at

In some countries, general standards of hygiene, care and safety may differ from those in the UK, so when going ashore common sense is the watchword, especially when choosing drinks or sampling local cuisine.

At all times, we ask you to pay particular attention to personal hygiene, particularly vigorous hand washing with soap and the additional use of the hand sanitisers found at numerous locations around your cruise ship.

If, in the three days prior to your cruise, you experience any symptoms of Norovirus (diarrhoea or vomiting), or symptoms of Influenza (fever or feverishness, cough, runny nose or sore throat), please contact us on 0800 0355 145.

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