How long will we be docked in each port of call?

Details of your itinerary will be available on the relevant cruise page, detailing early/late am/pm for each port of call.

Precise timings for your stay in port vary from place to place, and from sailing to sailing.

Arrival and departure times can change as your cruise progresses, so we display them as approximate periods rather than exact times.

The below is a rough guide to these approximate timings, which are always subject to change.

Period Arrive or Depart from
early am 05:00 - 09:59
late am 10:00 - 11:59
early pm 12:00 - 15:59
late pm 16:00 - 19:59
late night 20:00 onwards

Please contact Guest Services on 0800 0355 145 if you wish to know specific times for a particular port you are visiting.

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