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How do I enquire about lost property or luggage?

Lost property:

If you are unfortunate enough to discover that you've lost an item of personal property during your cruise, you may be able to trace it by contacting our Customer Relations Department on 01473 292 303, or by e-mail at customer.relations@fredolsen.co.uk.

Our Customer Relations team are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

If your property is discovered on board after your cruise, the item(s) will be held at our office in Ipswich for a maximum of 3 months after the return date of the cruise.

Please note: for reasons of hygiene and storage capacity, we can only process items of intrinsic value. A nominal figure of £30 is charged to return most items, subject to value and size.

If you lose an item on the ship during your cruise please contact Guest Services on board.

Lost Baggage:

If you return home and discover that you've not collected all your luggage following disembarkation, please contact our Customer Relations Department on 01473 292 303 or e-mail customer.relations@fredolsen.co.uk

Please note: it is the responsibility of the property owner to cover the cost of carriage. Should you have taken another guest’s luggage in error, you will also be responsible for the cost of carriage involved in returning it to the rightful owner. Please check carefully that you have collected the correct luggage, before leaving the luggage reclaim area and continuing your journey home.

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