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Town of Koper, Slovenia
Town of Koper, Slovenia
Bolette cruising in to Koper Bay, Slovenia

A cruise to Slovenia offers something for everyone - soaring Alps, unspoilt coastlines, a Mediterranean climate and renowned as a Green Destination of the World. Nestled in the heart of Europe, between Croatia and Italy on the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia offers a perfect blend of diverse landscapes, historic towns, and vibrant culture.


A stop at Slovenia's cruise port is one of the best ways to discover all the country's beauty. Observe rare bird species soaring above while elusive wildlife graces the forests below.[ReadMore] Slovenia's commitment to conservation ensures a harmonious coexistence between travellers and its diverse ecosystems. Marvel at the iconic Lake Bled, adorned with a medieval castle perched atop a cliff and an islet hosting a charming church. Each twist and turn of your cruise unfolds a new chapter in this visual narrative. Or venture towards the majestic Julian Alps, where turquoise lakes mirror snow-capped peaks and dense forests whisper tales of ancient mysteries. You'll feel like you've sailed into a fairytale with all the things to do in Slovenia that seem plucked from a storybook.

A superb foodie destination, a Slovenia holiday offers a delicious mixture of influences from Italy, Austria and Hungary. A particularly favourite dish is the decadent dessert known as gibanica - made with filo pastry and four different fillings, or for a savoury option, Štruklji - rolled dumplings.


While the exterior of Koper cruise port may seem industrial, venture into the town to discover a Middle Age city. Wander through Koper's Old Town, where the Gothic architecture tells the story of Venetian, Istrian, and Slovenian influences. Explore the enchanting Praetorian Palace, witness the beauty of Tito Square, and let the centuries unfold with every step through cobbled streets.

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