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Safaga, Egypt
Safaga, Egypt
Coral reef and tropical fish in the Red Sea

The Egyptian town of Safaga on the Red Sea offers crystal-clear waters and black-sand beaches that are popular with divers, windsurfers and sun worshippers. For a glimpse into Egypt’s ancient past, the majestic temples of Luxor and Karnak, and the historic Valley of the Kings, are in easy reach.

Safaga’s clear serene waters hypnotise with its multitude of tuna, sharks and manta rays often seen around the towering reefs of Abu Qifan. The sea here is very saline, rich in minerals and is said to have curative properties.

Safaga is the popular gateway for exploration of the Eastern Desert and the granite quarries of Mons Claudianus. The network of tombs at the captivating Valley of the Kings, and all the mystique of the Pharaohs, await on tours from this sultry port.

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