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Leknes Cruises

View over Leknes with mountains in background, Norway
View over Leknes with mountains in background, Norway
Sandy beach on Lofoten Island, Leknes

Leknes, one of the first ports inside the Arctic Circle, looks out over the stunning Lofoten Islands, which are rich in Viking history and Arctic nature. The wild landscape of jagged peaks, cliffs and bright-white sandy beaches makes the area one of the most picturesque in Norway.

The nearby village of Borg is home to a Viking museum, based on one of the largest buildings of that era ever discovered (by a farmer ploughing his fields in the early 1980s). The museum is very much alive: partly lit by oil lamps, it has exhibits of gold fertility figures, pottery, and glassware and regular displays of handicrafts. In the outside area are domestic animals, many of which are ancient breeds that were raised by the Vikings.