Guadeloupe cruises

Pointe-á-Pitre, Guadeloupe
Crayfish Waterfall or La Cascade aux Ecrevisses, Guadeloupe National Park, Guadeloupe

Beautiful Islands

With the two main islands shaped like the wings of a butterfly, conjoined by a bridge, Guadeloupe is a lovely archipelago of over a dozen sunkissed islands. Grand-Terre is a lively island with stretches of white sandy beaches, whereas Basse-Terre is more mountainous - with pretty waterfalls and the magnificent La Soufrière volcano.

Caribbean Cuisine and Rum

Local dishes are made with colourful ingredients and delicious tropical products, with a little added Caribbean spice! Traditional Guadeloupean dishes include accras, bokits, conch fricassée and grilled lobster, which are often accompanied by “dog sauce”, a popular Caribbean dressing. Guadeloupe is internationally known for the quality of its brown sugar and rums, which are recognised for their superb quality; and of course there's the famous ti' punch - blended white rum, sugar and lime, which must be drunk in moderation!

Music and Dance

Music in Guadeloupe plays a huge part in the traditions of this archipelago of lovely islands, with Indian and African influences. A cruise to Guadeloupe with Fred. Olsen offers guests the chance to experience Gwoka - a musical representation of music, dance and singing which emerged in the 18th century during the slavery era. A cruise to Guadeloupe whets the appetite to return again and again.

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