Falkland Islands Cruises

 Converted trawler tied up on the jetty at the West Point Settlement on West Point Island in the Falkland Islands
Beach, Falklands
Black browed Albatross and Southern Rockhopper Penguins nest together on the cliffs of West Point Island in the Falkland Islands


The Falklands, a rugged archipelago filled with distinctive cliff-lined coasts and hundreds of islets, boasts pristine coastlines and untouched wilderness that beckon the intrepid traveller. Situated at the crossroads of South America and Antarctica, these islands offer a breathtaking mix of natural wonders and rich biodiversity.[ReadMore]

From penguin-filled beaches to dramatic landscapes, every moment on a Falklands cruise is a canvas painted with nature's grandeur. A coveted stop on cruise itineraries, the Falklands provide a distinctive contrast to the vibrant cultures of countries like Argentina and Uruguay. The captivating shores showcase extraordinary marine life and sunken ship treasures, whilst providing a prime spot for witnessing the wonders of wildlife. Each day unfolds a new chapter in the enthralling narrative of nature.


A Falkland Islands cruise reveals the beauty of a group of islands ripe for exploration. Whether you seek historical insights or crave adrenaline-pumping activities, travel to the Falkland Islands to experience it all. Venture to mountain peaks and quaint towns, or discover remarkable biodiversity and tucked-away coves.

Perhaps lace-up your boots for trekking adventures across open moorlands and feel the crunch of tussock grass beneath your feet as you hike through the untouched wilderness. Witness colonies of penguins, seals, and seabirds, creating a spectacle like no other.

In Port Stanley, the capital and largest town of the Falkland Islands, explore charming towns that echo with the whispers of history. A blend of British heritage and island resilience, wander through streets lined with colonial architecture, colourful houses and a welcoming atmosphere. Port Stanley is a coastal town that feels like a piece of home in the South Atlantic. Venture to historic sites that echo tales of explorers, settlers, and naval history, adding layers to your nautical adventure.

Cruises to Falkland Islands

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Exploration of South America and the Antarctic • S2603

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Sail from Southampton
Wed 28 Jan 2026
76 nights
  • Witness the dramatic landscapes of Antarctica
  • Experience the electric atmosphere of the Rio Carnival
  • Visit remarkable sites such as Machu Picchu

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