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Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires, Argentina
Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires, Argentina
Iguazu falls view from Argentina

Argentina’s vast land mass encompasses Patagonian plains, Andean mountains, glacial lakes and pampas grassland, the traditional grazing areas for the nation’s lauded beef cattle. The country is also famous for football, wine, the seductive Tango, and Gauchos. [ReadMoreMob]

Its sprawling, cosmopolitan capital, Buenos Aires, centres on the Plaza de Mayo, which is lined with stately 19th century architecture including Casa Rosada, the iconic presidential palace. The bustling city exudes colour, energy, music and glorious gourmet cuisine and colonial architecture. It is also home to many natural wonders like the spellbinding Iguazú Falls.

An Argentinian cruise holiday opens up a world of natural wonders. The port of Ushuaia is perfect for watching a variety of marine life such as penguins, sea lions and whales, and is the ideal gateway to visit the awesome Tierra del Fuego National Park. From the lush rainforests of Misiones to the red mountains of Salta, the expansive scenery is a treat to behold. The nation’s other wildlife comes in the form of flamingos and giant anteaters. [ReadMoreDesk]

Argentina’s slant on music, arts and, of course, dance gives it a brash, edgy culture that is both European and Latin American at the same time – and one that most visitors hopelessly fall in love with. Cravings for its sublime flame-charred steak are easily satiated as the Parrillas (grill houses) are everywhere.

With world-renowned food, wine to sample and a natural wonderland to explore, a cruise to Argentina is a truly colourful affair.

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Thu 05 Jan 2023
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