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View of the Village of Vik, Norway
View of the Village of Vik, Norway

Located along the south bank of Sognefjord – the largest fjord in Norway and surrounded by amazing scenery, Vik is a small, picturesque town that, despite its size, has plenty of attractions to discover and enjoy.[ReadMoreMob] Vikøyri is the main settlement and central hub of Vik. Here is where you will find the most interesting attractions, including two medieval churches with vast histories. The must-visit Hove Church – originally built in 1170 and the Hopperstad Stave Church - built in 1130, were both restored in the 1880’s by famous architect Peter Andreas Blix and feature elaborate architectural designs with an incredible attention to detail. The town is also home to the only factory in the world that creates gammelost, a unique type of Norwegian cheese and is the location of the only prison in Sogn og Fjordane.

From Vik you can also embark on tours to the breathtaking Arnafjord and the World Heritage landscape of Nærøyfjorden, and discover the stunning Fresvikbreen, a huge, 1648 metre high glacier which towers over the tiny village of Fresvik.

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