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Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden
Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden
Viewpoint of Visby, Gotland - Sweden

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Sweden? - Pickled herring, Vikings, Volvos, meatballs, or perhaps ABBA? Granted, they are all Swedish, but a cruise to this diverse country will open your eyes.The landscape morphs from dense pine forests and craggy mountains in the north, to rolling hills and golden beaches in the south.  [ReadMoreMob]

Even its cities have a unique character of their own. Gothenburg’s wide streets and canals give the city a distinct look. It’s also famous for its fish and seafood restaurants.

Stockholm is a handsome and incredibly clean city spread over 14 islands. Gamla Stan – the Old Town – is a delight of narrow streets, cobbled squares and medieval buildings. Shopping, nightlife and gourmet restaurants make this a popular place to visit. [ReadMoreDesk]

Whatever you decide to do: take in the culture of one of Sweden’s cities, or explore its varied landscape, a cruise holiday to Sweden will make you fall in love with this beautiful country.

Cruises to Sweden

Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden Gamla stan area in Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish Waterways with a Taste of Denmark • T2122

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Sat 11 Sep 2021
10 nights
  • This Swedish showcase makes for a very special cruise
  • Experience the sheer wonder of the idyllic fjords
  • Copenhagen adds Danish delights into the mix
Fabulous Peterhof fountains in St. Petersburg Fabulous Peterhof fountains in St. Petersburg Fabulous Peterhof fountains in St. Petersburg

Uncrowded Baltic • L2130

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Thu 30 Sep 2021
12 nights
  • Experience an immersive & relaxing exploration
  • See St Petersburg city’s sights during an overnight stay
  • Explore Tallinn’s enchanting Old Town