Sweden Cruises

Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden
Panorama of Stockholm, Sweden
Viewpoint of Visby, Gotland - Sweden

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Sweden? - Pickled herring, Vikings, Volvos, meatballs, or perhaps ABBA? Granted, they are all Swedish, but a cruise to this diverse country will open your eyes.The landscape morphs from dense pine forests and craggy mountains in the north, to rolling hills and golden beaches in the south.  [ReadMoreMob]

Even its cities have a unique character of their own. Gothenburg’s wide streets and canals give the city a distinct look. It’s also famous for its fish and seafood restaurants.

Stockholm is a handsome and incredibly clean city spread over 14 islands. Gamla Stan – the Old Town – is a delight of narrow streets, cobbled squares and medieval buildings. Shopping, nightlife and gourmet restaurants make this a popular place to visit. [ReadMoreDesk]

Whatever you decide to do: take in the culture of one of Sweden’s cities, or explore its varied landscape, a cruise holiday to Sweden will make you fall in love with this beautiful country.