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Senegal Cruises

Braemar cruising the open sea
Braemar cruising the open sea

On your cruise to Senegal you’ll experience African culture, white sand beaches, colonial heritage, stunning landscapes and an incredibly warm welcome. The biggest draw for most visitors is Senegal’s beaches. The capital, Dakar, amply fulfils this need. Situated on a beach-lined peninsula, it offers white sand beaches to the north and south. It also has a mixture of skyscrapers, old colonial buildings, vibrant street markets and eateries in which you can sample the local cuisine that has a heavy French influence.  [ReadMoreMob]

For a real taste of Senegal life, a trip to the Pink Lake will take you to the Fulani’s village giving you a glimpse of what traditional life is like.For a real taste of Africa, a cruise to Senegal will tick all the boxes.