Cape Verde Cruises

Cape Verde Islands on a sunny day
Cape Verde Islands on a sunny day
Traditional fishing boat, Cape Verde Islands

Cruise the Cape Verde Islands

With a pleasant year-round climate, a Cape Verde Island cruise opens up a colourful and diverse world all set to the gentle rhythms of West African music.

Protruding from the Atlantic, some 500km west of Africa, the stunning volcanic island chain of Cape Verde has an enchanting mix of verdant mountains, deserted beaches and peaceful seaside villages. Its mixture of African and Portuguese heritage is intoxicating and the locals welcome all visitors with open arms. [ReadMoreMob]  [ReadMoreDesk]

Popular Cruise Port Destinations

The largest of the islands, and the cultural centre of Cape Verde, is Santiago with its lush hillsides, jungle to explore and shipwrecks to discover. This is also where the islands’ hectic capital and popular cruise port, Praia, can be found. The colonial old town, busy shopping areas and beautiful beaches are a joy to explore.

Cape Verde Food & Culture

Once a former colony and slave trade outpost, the Cape Verde Islands of today offers a spellbinding blend of Creole Portuguese-African culture, architecture and traditional morna music. The local food is a sensation – the national dish of cachupa and a glass of the locally-produced grogue are a must.

Cruises to Cape Verde

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