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View of Monaco, France
Views of Monaco, France
Monaco square, Monaco, France


Nestled on the enchanting French Riviera, cruise Monaco's coastline, where luxury and nature blend, creating an unrivalled destination for discerning travellers. It might be the second smallest country in the world, but there's plenty to see and experience on a cruise to Monaco.[ReadMore]

Monaco boasts a landscape that transcends imagination. From the panoramic views of the Mediterranean to the vibrant blooms of Princess Grace Rose Garden, every step unveils a canvas of natural beauty. Discover the botanical wonders of Monaco at the Jardin Exotique, a captivating garden perched high above the city. Marvel at rare succulents and sweeping vistas, creating a serene escape amidst natural beauty.


Cruise into Monte Carlo, Monaco's crown jewel, where the glittering casinos and opulent yachts paint a scene of extravagance. Explore the famed Casino Square, stroll along the elegant marina, and revel in the exquisite architecture of the Monte Carlo Casino. Or unwind on Larvotto Beach for a leisurely day under the sun or a refreshing swim in azure waters.

Experience the glamour, the speed, and the thrill that only the Monaco Grand Prix can deliver. Even if you're not here during the race, stroll along the iconic track, imagine the roar of engines, and feel the electric energy that permeates the streets.


Delve into Monaco's regal history as you ascend to the Palais du Prince, perched on "The Rock". Marvel at opulent rooms, stroll through charming courtyards, and witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony – a royal spectacle. Wander through the charming streets of Old Town, discover art galleries, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of this principality.

Embark on a Mediterranean cruise to Monaco, where every moment is a masterpiece of affluence, culture and natural splendour.

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