Japan Cruises

Miyajima, Hiroshima, Japan floating shrine.
Mount Fuji, Japan spring landscape.

Explore Japan's Picturesque Landscapes

Japan is one of those countries that completely absorbs you. From its snow-capped mountains and sun-drenched beaches to the pine forests and abrasively modern cities, it is a country of many contradictions.[ReadMoreMob]

Things to do in Japan

During your cruise holiday you can visit Kobe (for Osaka) which offers a look at the modern and vibrant Japan with its vibrant culture and known as the country's street food capital. Nagoya played a major role in Japanese governance, and evolved the country into the modern and peaceful nation of today. Yokohama is the perfect blend of modern and traditional Japan, with some of the city's oldest temples sitting alongside huge skyscrapers.

Therefore, a cruise to Japan offers both a look at modern and traditional cultures that combine to create such a unique and vibrant cruise holiday destination.

Cruises to Japan

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