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What to Pack for a Mediterranean Cruise

Panoramic view of beautiful Amalfi on hills leading down to coast, Campania, Italy.

Going on a Mediterranean cruise is the perfect opportunity to explore new cultures, landmarks and cuisines. However, deciding what to pack for your onboard holiday can be difficult. 

In this article, we will guide you through the essentials to pack for a Mediterranean cruise. We'll also delve into specifics for 7-day and 14-day cruises.

What clothes should I pack?

Couple sunbathing on deak, Bolette

Mediterranean cruises typically run from spring to autumn, with the peak season being summer. However, the weather can vary significantly depending on the time of year and location.

For spring and autumn, expect mild to warm days and cooler evenings. Pack layers such as lightweight sweaters, cardigans or jackets. Comfortable trousers, short-sleeved tops and skirts or shorts are great casual for warm weather. A lightweight, water-resistant jacket will also come in handy for unexpected showers.

In the summer, temperatures can soar above 30°C, particularly in southern locations like Italy. Bring plenty of lightweight, breathable clothing such as linen trousers, cotton dresses, shorts and T-shirts. Don't forget a hat, sunglasses and high-SPF sunscreen.

Comfortable walking shoes are essential for onshore excursions. Also, don't forget swimwear for beach days or enjoying the ship's pool.

How much luggage can I bring?

Open suitcase with summer clothes

Luggage allowance can vary. On Fred. Olsen ships, the allowance is generous, with 90 kgs permitted for UK departures, ideally no more than 20 kgs per bag. For fly-cruises, the airline's conditions apply. Details are in your booking confirmation and flight tickets. Also check with your transport provider for any specific luggage restrictions.

Are there any security checks or restrictions?

Security checks align with the Department for Transport’s regulations. You'll receive a ship’s pass as your security and onboard account card. Each boarding involves a swipe of your card and an X-ray scanning or manual search of hand luggage. 

Prohibited items include firearms, knives, flammable substances and other weapons. For fly-cruises, also refer to the airline's list of prohibited items. Please note that visitors aren’t allowed on board due to security measures.

What other essentials do I need?

Packing essentials

A daypack is essential for heading out on excursions. In it, we reccomend: 

  • A reusable water bottle
  • Some local currency
  • A portable phone charger
  • Travel-sized sunscreen 
  • Any necessary medication
  • A credit card

It might also be handy to have a European two-prong travel adapter for charging devices ashore. A small, lightweight umbrella or raincoat is a good idea as sudden showers can occur in the Mediterranean region.

Packing for a 7-day Mediterranean cruise

Guests in the Oceans bar, Borealis

A week-long Mediterranean cruise will likely involve a mix of at-sea days and port stops. Alongside essential items, taking a look at the itinerary to see what clothing you should bring is a good idea. Generally, an outfit per day plus swimsuit and a few footwear options will be perfect.

Packing for a 14-day Mediterranean cruise

Bolette in Kotor, Montenegro

For a two-week cruise, you might want to pack a few more choices. There are laundry facilities available onboard which means you can pack less and plan to do laundry midway through your trip; very useful for cutting down on the weight and size of your luggage.

Make the most of your Mediterranean getaway

Panoramic view on Kotor bay, Montenegro

Regardless of the duration of your cruise, the key to packing for a Mediterranean journey is versatility and comfort. Remember to leave some space in your suitcase for souvenirs and mementoes. Then you’re all set for a fantastic Mediterranean adventure with Fred. Olsen.

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