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Aerical view at old fort in UNESCO world heritage site, Sibenik, Croatia
Aerical view at old fort in UNESCO world heritage site, Sibenik, Croatia

Lesser known than the beautiful, yet well-trodden cities of Split and Dubrovnik, Sibenik offers all of the quintessential delights than one might have come to expect from destinations situated on Croatia’s glorious Adriatic Coast.[ReadMoreMob]

Sibenik is situated within a deep bay, one of the best-protected harbours found anyway in the Adriatic region, and boasts spectacular surrounding landscapes, while the city itself is a sight to behold from the first moment it comes into view; typically Croatian scenes of white-washed, terracotta-topped buildings hint at the type of treasures awaiting discovery ashore.

Wander the little, steeply-angled streets and attractive squares framed by a mix of centuries-old architectural gems, shops and cafés reveal themselves; particular highlights to see-out include the impressive town hall, the churches of St Barbara and St Fran, and the piece de resistance: Cathedral Sveti Jakov. Built in the early 15th century, UNESCO-listed Sveti Jakov is considered one of Croatia’s finest and most important Renaissance-era landmarks, built from limestone and marble under the supervision of the great Croatian stone masters Juraj Dalmatinac and Nikola Firentinac.

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