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Pyramiden, picturesque view with background mountains
Pyramiden, picturesque view with background mountains
Pyramiden soviet abandonded town, Svalbard

Located far above the Arctic Circle at the foot of the beautiful Billefjord on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, Pyramiden – a former Russian coal mining town, was once one of the Svalbard Archipelago’s most important and busiest settlements, but is now home to only a handful of people who dedicate their time to renovating the town and conserving the natural environment in which it is situated. 

However, as much of the town’s original infrastructure and buildings still exist, there is still much to see on a visit to this eerie settlement.[ReadMoreMob] The most ethereal feature is undoubtedly the ‘bottle shop’, a house made entirely from white and green glass bottles, whose beauty and delicacy is a bizarre contrast in the harsh climate.

Large Soviet-era warehouses, living quarters and an old coal-fired power plant stand defiantly in the town centre and the network of empty mine shafts have been locked in time and offer a deep insight into the Soviet’s industrial past.

Cruises to Pyramiden

A Voyage to Remote Spitsbergen

A Voyage to Remote Spitsbergen

Departs: Liverpool • Thu 25 Jun 2020
16 nights • Black Watch • W2018

  • Take exploration to the next level with this enriching expedition and journey to Norway’s northernmost regions in search of unique landscapes and fascinating isolated settlements.
  • Spend a week within the Arctic Circle, including two unforgettable days in Spitsbergen experiencing the stunning beauty, remarkable remoteness and fascinating history of Longyearbyen and Pyramiden.
  • You’ll also visit Honningsvåg, gateway to the rugged North Cape; Tromsø, home to the iconic Arctic Cathedral and Mount Storsteinen; and even witness the mesmerising midnight sun.

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